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Competition: Win DOOM on Xbox One!

Posted by Ken Barnes

Straight to hell

It's Friday, the sun is out around pX Towers (although we know it isn't elsewhere so...erm...sorry about that) and E3 is just a week or so away. All is good with the world.

We thought we'd celebrate by running a quickfire giveaway over the weekend so that one of our lucky readers can snaffle up a copy of the excellent DOOM on Xbox One! And why not, eh? In case you need to know why you should be playing the game, you can read our review right here.

All you have to do is enter using one or more of the methods below and you could be blasting demons with the best of them come Monday morning.

As usual, your email is only used for the competition entry. We will NEVER send you spam or any other types of canned meat.

You've got until 11:59PM (UK) on Sunday to get your entries in, so don't hang about!

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RustyBullet said:

I enjoyed the online BETA, I don't get why a lot of people got so angry about it.OK it isn't as good as Quake arena, BUT its a damn fine shooter. Things have to evolve and change and mix it up a bit. Good luck all.



Hxy3000 said:

I didn't care for the multiplayer but I've never played Doom for the multiplayer anyway. Fond memories of my dad surprising me with the full version of Doom while I was playing the shareware one.



SuperKMx said:

Aaaaaaaaaand the winner is Twitter user TheRPGDud3 - congratulations to you! Thanks for entering, folks! More contests coming soon.

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