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Out This Week: Homefront: The Revolution, Cubikolor, Super Night Riders

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Homefront makes its return

Out This Week is pretty self explanatory; it's our weekly look back at all of the new games that were released on Xbox One and Xbox 360. We've tinkered with the format a bit and streamlined it so it's easy to be informed of all the latest games. You'll find information on the pricing for different regions, the publisher/developer's description of the game, and a conveniently placed trailer for your viewing pleasure.

This edition covers all games released on Xbox platforms between May 14th and May 20th. You're most certainly welcome!


  • Publisher/Developer: Moving Player/Fractal Box & Moving Player
  • Price: £6.39/$7.99/€7,99

"Immerse yourself in the world of Cubikolor! Move your Kube by matching the kolors of the sides and the platform to complete each level. Armed only with your logic and your Kube, move through the 150 levels outwitting the traps in the System, an evil, scheming entity, to confront the machine and pass the test!

Discover lots of special Kubes with some surprising effects, and advance through the different game backdrops in Classik or Hardkore mode. In Cubikolor your logic will be severely tested against a formidable enemy. Roll, go up, go down and rewind time to explore all the options and reach the locks in each level. Keep an eye on the time and move limits!"

Homefront: The Revolution

  • Publisher/Developer: Deep Silver/Dambuster Studios
  • Price: £49.99/$59.99/€69,99

"Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare against a superior military force. A living, breathing, open world responds to your actions - you and your Resistance Cell can inspire a rebellion on the streets and turn Occupation into Revolution, as oppressed civilians take up the fight.

But your enemy has the advantage - superior technology, firepower, heavy armour and air support. You must learn the art of guerrilla warfare – ambush, sabotage, infiltration, deception – and fight a running battle through the war-ravaged suburbs of Philadelphia."

Mimic Arena

  • Publisher/Developer: Tiny Horse Games
  • Price: $7.99

"Mimic Arena is a local couch multiplayer platform shooter that focuses on high energy and quick reflexes. Up to four buddies are pitted against one another, but only those who have mastered the arts of jump and shoot dare hope to stand a chance, thankfully you will have some backup.

Everything the player does, wherever they go, and wherever they fire; is recorded and then played back again as a Mimic. These clones will be an integrate part of any players arsenal. Providing distractions and supporting fire for new players and enabling more advanced strategy such as zoning and coordinated attacks for veterans."

Super Night Riders

"Super Night Riders is a modern arcade racing game inspired by the retro classics. You are Alice, a beautiful and talented motorcyclist known as the red rider. In this game, your position in the race does not matter. It's all about traveling as far as possible while dodging the rival riders, and reaching each checkpoint before the timer goes down to zero.

The gameplay is fast and responsive similarly to the best retro racers, while the low-poly style is inspired by the early 3D arcades. Ride through 36 beautiful stages in 6 challenging courses!"

Does any of the above games stand out? What are you picking up this week?

Out This Week: What interests you the most this week?

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User Comments (7)



Utena-mobile said:

nothing for me this week. I wish Super Night Rider had better graphics... but I guess that's the point.
(o_O )



stylon said:

For pity's sake don't buy Super Night Riders... at least not until you've read Kens review. Utter garbage.

Does Homefront have a proper, story driven, single player campaign?



MaccaMUFC said:

I wouldn't recommend Homefront, I love open-world and FPS games but this one is a mess. Remember the infamous road checkpoints in far cry 2? This is 10x worse. You could be going down an empty street, turn round and a load of enemies appear out of thin air. It's so full of bugs you would think the Fallout devs worked on it. Everything about the game is so disorganised and chaotic its just a mess.

@stylon there is a single-player campaign but like most open-world games there's side quests and liberating areas like in Far Cry and Just Cause.



MaccaMUFC said:

@stylon Yeah save your money for something better, luckily I only rented it but even so I wouldn't of wasted my time installing/playing it if I knew how bad it was. Probably doesn't help that I've just finished Doom which is in a different class of its own.

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