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Indie Developers Crowdfunding New Fable Game for Xbox One

Posted by Lucie Mansell

Its not over yet

It has been announced that a new game set in the Fable universe is currently in development by Flaming Fowl Studios, an indie team made up by former Lionhead Studios developers. They've launched a crowdfunding campaign today.

The project, entitled Fable Fortune, is a collectible card game which will feature role-playing quests during which the player - in classic Fable style - will make choices that can turn their protagonist into a celebrated hero or a reviled villain. Online co-op is expected to be included, alongside the ability to level up cards. Flaming Fowl are also said to be considering adding a campaign and further PvP modes in the future.

Originally intended to be included as a part of Fable 2, the game has allegedly been in the works since 2014 before becoming its own standalone project. Lionhead Studios was closed in April 2016 but Flaming Fowl were successful in their bid to license the intellectual property and bring the project back to life.

The Kickstarter campaign to support the game is scheduled to launch today, with a goal set at £250,000 to fund release on Xbox One and PC. A closed beta is expected to become available after the funding period ends, with an open beta scheduled for the end of 2016.

You can see a 17 minute demo of the game in the video below, courtesy of the folks over at IGN:

Fable Fortune is expected to release on Xbox One in early 2017


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stylon said:

Way to raise our hopes and then dash them on the rocks... This is about as welcome as news of a new version of Crackdown... only as a Jigsaw edition!



Souldin said:

It is sadly not a kickstarter for Fable Legends, Fable 4, or a spiritual successor to either of those games... I am totally going to back this though. I love the Fable IP, I love trading cards games, and I want to support this new studio. The game also looks a lot of fun, which is usually the best reason to help kickstart a game.

At this moment in time though, I don't have much in the way of funds. I'm going to start by backing this a little, and if I manage to land a job this month, then increase my backing. As noted, it may not be the Fable Legends game that made me want an Xbox One (alongside Sunset Overdrive and Ori and the Blind Forest), but it certainly looks like a fun game utilising a franchise I appreciate.



KelticDevil said:

I love trading card games. And I love Fable. If they put in a campaign, they will get my $$$.


Ok, I feel better now.

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