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Quantum Break Becomes Most Successful New Microsoft IP on Xbox One

Posted by Adam Ducker

Quantum the top?!

Quantum Break has been well received with its time-based TV/game hybrid shenanigans gaining critical acclaim. Not only that, but it appears it's been selling extremely well. In the UK, the game has smashed to the top of the charts and Microsoft Studios has revealed "We are excited to announce that Quantum Break is now the biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation."

Quantum Break overtakes the likes of Ryse: Son of Rome, Sunset Overdrive and Ori & The Blind Forest in terms of new IPs.


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Redpizzi said:

Hopefully they will realise that Feb, Mar, Apr are great times to release games like this.
I still have not bought it, 2 weeks to my wedding so I am on save money orders from the future wife. But I know it's a short game, and with lots of copies out there won't be long till I can pick it up for £20



Gamer83 said:

Good. It doesn't guarantee anything but if sales remain steady I'd say there's at least a pretty good chance of a sequel.



Captain_Chao5 said:

"Quantum Break overtakes the likes of Ryse: Son of Rome, Sunset Overdrive"...hardly serious competition

I'm glad it's doing well though as I would like to pick this up soon. Still have a backlog to play though and a holiday to pay for.

(...and Gears 4 will smash it off the top spot)



stylon said:

I'd love to see some sort of sequel too although, like many others I suspect, I'd rather they created Alan Wake 2 first. Or at least start some sort of Episodic Alan Wake series - unlike Hitman that would be the perfect candidate for that sort of release.

As for pricing - I paid £32 for QB which I think is about right given that it is a relatively short game (compared to Fallout or Assassins Creed anyway). I will replay it on hard and get the rest of the collectibles and experience the other choice outcomes but after that, barring any DLC I will be done with it.



JaxonH said:

And even if there's not, you already know Remedy will bring something good regardless.

I'm thinking there may be DLC coming though. That ending eh...?



Gamer83 said:

Yeah. I liked the ending, sets up well for a sequel or even DLC. Alan Wake received two pretty substantial pieces of content after all.

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