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Microsoft Hints at Something Special For Preview Program Members

Posted by Adam Ducker

What could it be?

Microsoft are in the midst of one of the biggest weeks in their history as a console platform holder. The big (semi) exclusive release of Rise of the Tomb Raider, third party behemoths such as Fallout 4 and the exclusive early preview of Star Wars Battlefront head up an impressive week. There is also more to come with the launch of the New Xbox One Experience on the 12th, which encompasses both a new dashboard and slew of Xbox 360 backwards compatible games becoming available to play on the Xbox One.

With all this in mind, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra (software engineering lead) has been a busy man on Twitter, fielding questions about the new update. One fan posed the question as to whether members of the NXOE preview program would be able access backwards compatible games such as Gears of War 3 early, Ybarra confirmed this would not be the case but that there was something else in store as way of thanks for the preview program members who have helped iron out the wrinkles ready for launch. We're not sure how early they wanted Gears of War 3 to be available, given that it'll be available to play in less than 24 hours as part of the full rollout of the dashboard update...but hey...


But what could this secret something be? Only time will tell! How are you managing with what seems like the most hectic week in videogame history? Let us know in the comments below.

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narcoss said:

Guessing it be 4 uhd ?
4k owner tv 📺 sick to death of Netflix titles (watch them all)
So please Xbox one make it so



Utena-mobile said:

I hope it's a free game!! oh, wait. I'm not in the preview program. that sucks.

but that's pretty nice of MS. I mean, all of the preview program members had to stick through tons and tons of bugs and glitches to ensure the rest of us get a smooth experience. So I hope it's something really cool.



stylon said:

If it's anything like the birthday present gold members get I wouldn't get too excited... at least that way there's room to be pleasantly surprised



Captain_Chao5 said:

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi You mean an identical box to all the others and a controller with a small DayOne logo that suffered from the drifting stick issue that MS have swept under the carpet and closed the thread with hundreds of complaints? Yeah I'm selfish haha



KelticDevil said:


Bacon + big, juicy hamburger = absolute bliss.

My hunger has brought us off-topic. I apologize to the other readers. Well, kinda......

Hard to apologize for loving bacon. Lol.



SuperKMx said:

@Captain_Chao5 @KelticDevil I must confess that I had something called a "Monster Burger" last night and it was possibly the best thing ever made. Double quarter pounder with about another quarter pound of bacon and cheese.

Greatest thing I've ever seen with my own two eyes.



SuperKMx said:

@KelticDevil You'll probably have to make your own! Only ever seen them from one tiny take-away place in my town and even I didn't know about it until I was casually browsing the menu yesterday.

"Hold on...this has...this has bacon AND a half-pound of beef AND cheese AND why isn't it in my face yet?!"



Captain_Chao5 said:

I vote for a PureXbox meet (or should that be MEAT) up at Ken's town. I hear there's a quaint little take away place we should visit.



Captain_Chao5 said:

So (surprise, surprise) it's an avatar item <sigh>

From Ms Portia on Xbox Forums:
As a thank you for participating in the New Xbox One Experience Preview, we've made a special Avatar item for you! Exclusive to NXOE Previewers, this item commemorates the arrival of Windows 10 on Xbox One with the lovable Ninjacat, battling your Avatar in epic matches on Xbox One. Of course, both Ninjacat and your Avatar feature the newly-released Xbox One Elite Controller, too.

Check your messages on your Xbox One over the next few hours to get this special item, and we hope to see many of your Avatars sporting it in the future! Thanks for your participation in the Xbox Preview Program, and for helping to make Xbox One the best place to play

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