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The Second Episode for Minecraft: Story Mode Is Already Available

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

That was quick!

In what looks to be the fastest turnaround ever for the company, Telltale has released the next episode for Minecraft: Story Mode today on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The episode -- titled Assembly Required -- comes out just a mere two weeks after the first episode was released and conveniently right before Friday's physical retail release. The disc release includes Episode 1 as well as a redeemable code for the Season Pass.

Perhaps Telltale wanted those who bought the disc to feel their purchase was warranted with two episodes ready to go instead of waiting for the next episode to drop.

Telltale has also released a new trailer which can be viewed below.


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KelticDevil said:

This game reeks of a marketing ploy.

Telltale is pumping out games at a rapid pace. And considering the rest of the video game industry is having problems coming up with anything creative these days, involving a story (or otherwise), can Telltale keep it going?

I really hope they aren't "jumping the shark", as they say. Because amidst all the countless online shooters & co-op games, it's nice to have a company putting out games with a good narrative.



Gamer83 said:

Agree about the marketing ploy and concerns about Telltale. The company is spread so thin these days that things don't always get done in as timely manner as they should and eventually that is going to take its toll.

Not sure I agree with the rest of the post though. There's a lot of singleplayer games set to come out next year that seem to have interesting stories.



Red620Ti said:

The first episode was good, but I really enjoy Telltale games. However, when I went back to get the missable achievement in chapter 2, its wiped out the rest of game and now I have to start episode one again. I had a sad when I saw that this morning.



jasper81 said:

I wasent interested in this at all but my son made me buy chapter one and I found it really good I was actually really getting into it towards the end we will definitely get 2nd chapter

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