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Crackdown and Scalebound Won't Be At E3 Next Week Either

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Will be "front and center" at Gamescom

Coming off the heels of its big and unexpected partnership with Oculus, Microsoft has broke the news that both Crackdown and Scalebound will not be present at E3 this year. Instead, the first-party Xbox One exclusives will now join Quantum Break at Gamescom in August so they can get the necessary attention they deserve.

Over at Xbox Wire today, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer explained the reasoning behind the no-shows:

"Having a jam-packed lineup of games to show at E3 means that there simply isn't enough time to give each of our upcoming titles its well-deserved time in the spotlight. We've decided to save some of our most eagerly-awaited future titles for gamescom in August. Rest assured that titles like Crackdown, Quantum Break and Scalebound will be front and center at gamescom along with new game reveals for both Xbox One and Windows 10."

It has been awhile since we last saw the initial reveals for Crackdown and Scalebound at E3 in 2013 and 2014 respectively. While it is a shame that we won't be seeing them next week, it is reassuring knowing that we won't need to wait much longer before we see them again.

Microsoft's E3 conference is locked in for Monday, June 15th. Make sure you check out our handy E3 schedule so you don't miss it. You can also read our thoughts on what Microsoft needs to pull off for a successful event.


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BAMozzy said:

Crackdowns reveal confused me with its destruction. Not saying it didn't look good but it seems out of context with the 'role' of Agents and Peacekeepers. It doesn't seem right to level the city to clean up crime. I doubt the civilians would look favourably on it either. I do wonder whether or not we will get the Rooftop Races, Orbs and Supply Points at least not those high up if the building is destructible. I guess you could have some buildings - the bosses buildings for example - destructible but that's a bit odd too.

Scalebound was the biggest surprise of last years E3 for me. I knew nothing about it before so when it was announced it was a surprise. The teaser certainly grabbed my interest and hinted at something I would definitely buy so I have been wanting to see more ever since. I am a little disappointed that we have heard or seen very little since last years E3 and that we won't be getting any news at this years.



BAMozzy said:

@mindtwang well maybe its because MS has so much to show at E3 for the more immediate future as well as E3 has more focus on hardware than Gamescom. With Windows 10 and DirectX 12 due very soon, hardware deal with Oculus Rift, maybe even Hololens too, MS's Xbox conference may not have the time to focus or showcase games due next year+



Red620Ti said:

Dammit, I was really looking forward to Scalebound. Crackdown = meh for me, I hated one and two, see no reason 3 would be any different...



JaxonH said:

They must have a killer lineup if they can afford to hold off on those three titles.

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