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Rock Band 4 is Getting the Band Back Together

Posted by Tyler Treese

Reunion Starts in 2015

Don't call it a comeback but Harmonix is revving up for an encore!

After months of rumor and speculation, developer Harmonix has officially announced that Rock Band 4 is indeed a game that is currently being worked on. The fourth installment of the popular music series will release on Xbox One and is coming later this year. Details are currently scarce on the title as pricing, feature-set and the on-disc soundtrack were not discussed.

What we do know is that DLC purchased for previous Rock Band titles will be compatible with Rock Band 4 as long as the DLC was purchased on the same type of console (Xbox 360 purchases will work on Xbox One, PS3 will work on PS4). The question of if old hardware will work with the new title is up in the air as Harmonix says they are still trying to find a way to make it happen. New hardware, manufactured by Mad Catz, will be available upon release.

Keyboard enthusiasts will be disappointed to find out that the game will only support guitar, bass, drums and vocals. A helpful FAQ has been posted on Harmonix's forums and should answer any other questions you may have.

Are you ready to jam on some plastic instruments again? Let us know in the comments!

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hYdeks said:

if it actually helps teach guitar, bass, and drums this time, then yea I would, but if it's just 5 plastic buttons like before, then no thanks



SuperKMx said:

@hydeks Well, it kinda taught me how to play drums. But I see your point.

I'm in, no matter what! I'm an absolute fiend for these types of game.



MegaKillScreen said:

Haha! I knew our recent Rock Band audit at home was worthwhile. I'll hold off buying new drums until this comes out... Hurrah!



Captain_Chao5 said:

I'm still smarting from the original Rock Band £99 for the instruments and an extra £40 for the game. Obviously I bought it for the lad for his 16th birthday. He's since moved onto 'real' instruments and plays guitar, bass and drums. He has recently started to dabble on a keyboard, but nothing musical yet.
I was crap at Rock Band and Guitar Hero so neither XB1 versions are high on my list

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