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Resident Evil Remake Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 in 2015

Posted by Ken Barnes

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Capcom has confirmed that a HD version of 2002's Gamecube remake of the original 1996 PSOne Resident Evil will be made available in 2015 via digital means, for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

If that opening line confuses you, let us clarify. 1996's Resident Evil was released on the original Sony PlayStation. In 2002, Capcom gave the game a bit of a lick of paint and an overhaul, and re-released it on Nintendo's Gamecube. That game was also just called Resident Evil, but is commonly known as REmake or REbirth. It's that overhauled version that is getting ANOTHER overhaul and being dragged, kicking and screaming, into 1080p HD for release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The remake will allow you to play in 4:3 or 16:9, and the original "tank" control system will be in place. However, if you'd like a more modern control scheme, a more functional "push-to-walk" layout will be available. A few other unannounced features will be thrown in, we're told, and the game will be available to download early next year.

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Hmmm,never played the Gamecube version & the last time I played this game was 1996 so I'm looking forward to it. Just hope the modern controls system works, in the original it was all about the clunky controls and quirky camera angles that gave it something different. Saying that I couldn't go back to those controls after all these years 😵



holchasaur said:

I probably shouldn't like this news, but I do. This remake is an all-time favorite of mine, and it's one that I actually prefer to the original, so I'm stoked for another chance to revisit it. What stinks, though, is that I typically save my horror gaming for the Halloween season, and this is coming at a time of the year when I'm not looking for gloomy and dark experiences. Oh well, I guess. I'll be playing this when it launches, regardless.



EternalDragonX said:

This game should use the new kinect to sense your facial expressions and scare tge crap outta you.



kensredemption said:

I'd rather Capcom reboot the series and go back to its clunky roots to give the fans and newcomers alike a genuine scare. Not unlike Dead Space's sequels.



Emanouel said:

About time this gets remade yet again. I hope it sells well so they can also release a remake for 2 and 3.

Im not sure which of this years horror games will turn out better Alien or The Evil Within.



Gamer83 said:


Originally I was leaning towards The Evil Within, but then I read some previews that made me cancel my pre-order. It sounds like it's more Resident Evil 4 style than RE 1-2, which is what I was hoping for. Not that RE 4 was a bad game but it there wasn't much 'survival/horror' about it. Alien seems to be coming along nicely but that franchise does not have a great video game history so I'll wait for reviews. It definitely seems more up my alley than The Evil Within though.



Emanouel said:

@Gamer83, I read from the previews a while back that they wanted to create a scary horror game, not something like RE4. Thats very upsetting, i won't cancel my pre order yet, ill wait for the reviews from players before deciding. I would encourage you to pre order alien as it comes with 2 free prequel DLC were you play as the cast from the original alien movie. All the actors came back to do voice overs for the game.



Gamer83 said:

Alien looks cool but there's a whole bunch of other games I'm looking to get first that I know I'll like. If the franchise didn't have such a spotty game history though, I'd probably take a chance on Alien Isolation.

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