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NPD: Xbox One Closes US Sales Gap, But Not By Much

Posted by Ken Barnes

Comparative sales up in quiet month

In what was a barren wasteland of a month for videogame retail in the US - barring the outstanding The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 - Xbox One sales were predictably down in July, but the gap between Microsoft's machine and Sony's was smaller than anticipated.

In June, Sony shifted 269,000 units of PS4 hardware, compared to Microsoft's 197,000 units of Xbox One hardware, which is a gap of 72,000. In July though, the PS4 sold 187,000 units to the Xbox One's 131,000 - a gap of only 56,000.

This suggests that while the gap clearly still exists to the point that the Xbox One is being outsold by a hefty number of percentage points, there's still a chance that the race isn't a foregone conclusion just yet. August sees the release of Madden NFL 25 along with a hardware bundle including the game, as well as Diablo III which, after a day one patch, will run at a nice, smooth 1080p.

Madden will undoubtedly shift a LOT of software units, but will the hardware bundle be enough to swing the month toward the Xbox One? Only time will tell.

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EternalDragonX said:

Sales wont change until fall, borrowing good reviews for XB1 exclusives. So far the PS4 has tons more indie games. Higher rated but less AAA games. Killzone Shadow Fall, The Last of Us and Infamous. Also multiplatform games that perform or look better on the console be it frame rate (Tomb Raider). Or resolution which nearly every multi platform game is 720p or 900p on the xb1 thus far.
This wont change in unless games like Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive prove to be system sellers and are well received with great reviews. Don't discount the smaller third party exclusives also like Dance Central Spotlight, Rabbids Invasion, Shape Up and Fantasia. They will make a difference providing the reviews are good.
Microsoft (Phil Spencer) has done a good job turning the console around since the E3 2013 debacle but gamers still need more reasons to buy an under powered machine and they will be battling up hill for another year or so.



hYdeks said:

PlayStation fans are just being jerks and bragging that there system is blowing away the competition, but with nothing really exclusive being released for PS4 in the coming months, and with games like Sunset Overdrive and that to come, I think the gap in sales will quickly change and the Xbox One will sell like the PS4.

I think the one big thing is that Sony came out with some of there bigger titles at the beginning forcing fans of those series to upgrade to PS4 in order to play the games (Infamous, Killzone, and The Last of Us) while Microsoft seemed to focus on third party offerings more at the beginning. When Sunset Overdrive and the big one, Halo, come out, we'll see people running to get a X1.

It also helps that alot of people have had there hands on all three consoles now and know the good and the bad about each console now, so all that bad rep Microsoft got from last year E3 will slowly go away. (feels like it's taking forever as it is to though...)



Gamer83 said:

Halo could close the gap in Nov. I think it's still up in the air what Sunset Overdrive will do just because it's a new IP and Insomniac's recent games, including last year's Ratchet & Clank into the Nexus, haven't been huge sellers. Looks awesome but MS hasn't kicked up the advertising yet like it usually does for its big exclusives. Maybe that changes come October. It's a long gen, when all is said and done I think MS will win North America, but I'm not convinced it will be by nearly as big a margin as it was last time. PS4 sales have been much better out of the gate than PS3's were and this is despite not having much in the way of exclusive content (frankly X1 hasn't killed it in that area yet either). And I wouldn't kid myself into thinking Sony won't have any good exclusives over what should be at least a five-year period in regards to PS4 and X1. Sony has more first party studios and many of them are top notch. This could be a dogfight, which will hopefully benefit gamers in the long run.

As far as bundles, I think MS has done a better job in that category, and those are important. I'm getting the Madden 15 one myself, the game is free which is even better. The PS4 Destiny bundle comes with a nice white console but at $450 I think that's a bit of Sony arrogance showing through. The big Xbox One bundles, Madden and Sunset, cost the same as the console without a game so you're getting a better deal there.

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