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Need For Speed Rivals: Game of The Year Edition Incoming

Posted by Ken Barnes

Hardly surprising

It looked like 2014 was going to be the first year where we didn't see the release of a Need For Speed title of some sort. Truthfully though, we all knew that EA weren't going to let us off that easy.

Need For Speed: Rivals will be released in a "Game of The Year" edition on October 23rd according to Amazon Germany.

The package is listed at 69.99 EUR and there are no further details as yet, but you can be sure that all the DLC will be included for that price. We searched and found that GameInformer awarded the game the "Best Online Racer of 2013" title, so the bundle title isn't entirely without merit.

We'll bring you confirmation of the pack contents when we have it.

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EternalDragonX said: shocked this game won a goty award. But in my defense did it have any competition with an online racing genre?....didnt think so



holchasaur said:

This seems a bit silly with The Crew and Forza Horizon 2 on the....horizon. I find it hard to believe that anyone would choose to invest in a GOTY Edition of a year-old game over two shiny new releases in the genre, especially when you take into account that Rivals didn't really earn GOTY-level review scores. I'm sure this version will sell more copies throughout the holidays than last year's model, but it seems like it wouldn't be worth the effort.



SuperKMx said:

@DRL I thought the game was entirely disappointing, if I'm honest. It was the first thing I fired up on my Xbox One on launch day, given how big a fan of the previous two titles I am. Was jumpy, jerky, and you get 7 minutes into what you imagine is a single player race, only to find that the host leaves the game and all your progress is wiped.

Can't say it warrants any sort of GOTY for me.



hYdeks said:

rubs eyes in disbelief how in the heck did this game get a GOTY!?!?!? O.O This game is sh*t! >< I bought it for $35 new and I felt THAT was too expensive for this game! You can't pause in the game, you can't play the game offline at all, the damn thing is constantly booting you off EVEN in the middle of a race (that you then have to restart) AND, my personal favourite, YOU CAN'T DRIVE IN MANUAL!!! >< Poor excuse for a game, and this is coming from a NFS fan

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