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Microsoft Grants Indie Developers Free Access to Unity Engine

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

More tools at your disposal

Independent developers who sign up to [email protected] with an Xbox One dev kit will now have access to the Unity engine for no additional charge, confirmed the Unity blog.

Existing Unity Pro users will have Xbox One support added to their license immediately. Unity Free users will receive a limited Unity Pro license that will include Xbox One support.

The Unity engine is already powering games like Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and the upcoming Ori and the Blind Forest, Roundabout, and Cuphead.

From the sounds of it, Unity for Xbox One (build 4.3) will not support version 4.5 but will simply jump to the more stable and recommended Unity 5.0.

"Unity 5.0 will eventually be our recommended version for all Xbox One development," revealed the team on their blog. "However, we will continue to make updates for the Unity 4.3 version of the product including XDK upgrades into 2015 to ensure teams that have already built to this version of the product can ship.

With this announcement, we can be sure that [email protected] will see a bump in the number of indie developers signed on. We aren't pros here when it comes to talking about the intricacies of game development, but if it's as easy to use as some developers are saying, then we may just see a ton more games show up on Xbox One in the coming months.


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Usually something like this is announced after it's already in play! Meaning dev's will not have to wait long at all! Support of UNITY is huge among indie dev's.




Amazing! Please let me know how things progress!

If you already know UNITY (I do you likely do as well) then this new kit should be a blast! If I ever have free time I enjoy booting up BLENDER or MAYA and this SDK should help us all!



Emanouel said:


Ill keep you posted. I haven't worked with Unity before, but I'm really excited to be working with Unity. Unity is probably the best engine for indies to get into as they allow you to develop for more devices.

I haven't worked with Blender or MAYA, for the 3D artwork I've used Daz3D and some auto cad software for my renders.




I'd suggest downloading BLENDER for free as it's a community made studio program! I have many years Exp with BLENDER and fell in love with it for anything from pixel animations to full out 3D animations for games! If you need help or direction pls let me know! I live for this stuff!




Unity is a coding standard like you said allowing cross platform performance BUT you'll still need a GFX suite to "create". Tell me about your vision in XB message and if I can I swear on pX grave i'll help and guide!

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