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Lionhead: Fable Legends A Controller-Focused Experience

Posted by Ken Barnes

Kinect and SmartGlass just a blur

Fable Legends is heading to Xbox One, with a limited access multiplayer beta opening up in October. The final game will then release at some point in 2015. Everybody loves Fable of course, but the reception that this particular game has received at the various expos this year has been lukewarm at best. We're not entirely sure why that is, given that the game looks like it could be great fun.

Speaking to Red Bull, game director David Eckelberry said: "Fable Legends has been designed to focus on the controller experience for both Hero and Villain players. We're investigating the option to play on the SmartGlass for the Villain experience, but it's not something we're focused on right now. Similarly, we may experiment with using the Kinect for some mini-games in town, but should we use the Kinect, it would be an optional element."

Sounds good to us, David.

Check out the full interview at Red Bull.


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