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Guacamelee Developer DrinkBox Studios is Working on Another Game Alongside Severed

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Is it more Guac or Mutant Blobs, or is it something else entirely?

Recently, we mused about the potential for DrinkBox Studios' upcoming touch-based action-adventure game, Severed, to come to Xbox consoles by utilizing the gesture recognition of Kinect. With the studio appearing to be extremely passionate about this game, and considering the relatively small size of their staff (they're a studio of 12), we assumed Severed would be all they were working on until its targeted early 2015 release — we were wrong.

In a video interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, members of the DrinkBox team let it slip that they're currently kicking around a couple new game ideas while the development of Severed moves forward. These projects are supposedly in early stages and haven't yet been named, but that didn't stop one of DrinkBox Studios' founders, Graham Smith, from spilling a couple details about one of them.

When asked what platforms this secret project would be coming to, Graham Smith replied, "I would say we can probably expect similar platforms to Guacamelee." Graham was tight-lipped when it came to disclosing specifics about this game, but he did say that it's "similar in a lot of ways to Guacamelee in terms of its side-scrolling nature."

As you may or may not be aware, Guacamelee has released for pretty much every major console on the market (excluding 3DS), so we have to imagine Xbox One and, depending on the time of release, Xbox 360 are in consideration for this project. As far as the theme of the game goes, we'd don't have any guess as to what it could be, but we're thinking it's not a sequel to Guacamelee.

Back in April of this year, it was reported by HardcoreGamer that DrinkBox Studios would eventually return to the world of Guacamelee to deliver a sequel, but not without taking a break from the luchador first, so they can return with fresh ideas. Designer Chris McQuinn said this, “someday there will probably be a Guacamelee! 2, I imagine. I don’t know when, but it’ll probably happen.”

It's entirely possible that DrinkBox is collecting ideas and slowly constructing concepts for a Guacemelee sequel, though it's unlikely that it's the project Graham was referring to in this interview. Only time will tell.

For now, you can watch the entire Nintendo Enthusiast interview below.

What do you guys think this secret project could be? Are you crossing your fingers that DrinkBox will develop a sequel to one of their past works — Mutant Blobs or Guacamelee — or are you hoping that they're creating something entirely fresh?


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Gamer83 said:

This is one of the very, very few indie studios I actually like, along with FuturLab and Way Forward (if WF counts as indie), so I'm looking forward to whatever it has planned. Guacamelee is one of my favorite Vita games. Will double dip and get Super Turbo Championship Edition for PS4 at some point.

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