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Gamescom 2014: Killer Instinct Returns For a Second Season on Oct 15th

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

New fighters, modes, and more

Killer Instinct: Season 2 is coming back to Xbox One this October 15 with a new roster of fighters, game modes, and a revamped interface.

Just like the first game, season two is a free-to-play game that comes with fighters TJ Combo and Maya. Fans can purchase additional characters for $4.99 each or buy either The Combo Breaker Pack for $19.99 or The Ultra Edition for $39.99.

If you choose to buy The Combo Breaker Pack, you'll unlock the entire roster of combatants. The Ultra Edition will net you all the fighters, plus costumes, accessories, and the classic Killer Instinct 2 game. Eager fans can purchase the Ultra Edition any time between September 23 and October 14 and receive TJ Combo early.

Season two is being developed by Iron Galaxy this time, picking up the reigns from previous developer Double Helix.


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Emanouel said:

so season 2 automatically comes with 2 free fights? maya and TJ Combo?

I have purchased the ultra edition and i want to know if the update will give us also these two fighters?



Anthinator said:

@Emanouel the Ultra Edition gets you everything: all 8 fighters, costumes, classic KI2, etc.

For those that don't purchase the ultra edition, they get TJ Combo and Maya right off the bat. A new fighter will be available to download for $4.99 each month.



Emanouel said:

@Anthinator, I meant to say i purchased the Season one ultra edition. so that means ill get the 2 fighters from season 2 for free then



Gamer83 said:

Just out of curiosity is there a story mode or any kind of story that goes with an arcade ladder playthrough like the last MK? I'm going to d/l this game regardless as it's free, just wondering about a story.

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