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Gamescom 2014: Dead Island 2 Can't Be Completed?

Posted by Wayne Davies

No 100%, no endgame?

According to Bernd Diemer, Creative Director of Dead Island 2, the highly anticipated zombie slaughtering sequel can't be beaten and has no endgame.

Speaking to IGN during a live demo interview at Gamescom 2014, Diemer discussed the new seamless multiplayer that will feature in Dead Island 2 and how it effects the game:

"I keep telling people internally that we are actually building the worlds smallest MMO, because our world doesn't end. There's no endgame and there's no set beginning because by the nature of seamless you can join and leave at any time. So our game doesn't actually have an end."

"That also applies to the story. Narrative requires us to do something super innovative at the same time. How can you tell a story when people can leave and join at any time? The answer is, we don't have one story, we have thousands."

To clarify, Diemer was openly asked if the game could be beaten:

"No. It never ends, you keep getting missions, events in the world will happen over and over again and physically stack onto each other, that basically gives you the illusion of a never ending world."

Diemer went on to explain that the player could meet a group of survivors, who are under attack and ask you to protect them. After protecting them, they may ask you to go to the next town to get fuel for the generator, the generator will in-turn create noise, attracting zombies, and they will ask you to protect them again.

Dead Island 2 is expected to release sometime in Spring 2015 for Xbox One, PlatStation 4 and PC.


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Ubiquitous_Doom said:

That is very strange. It has no proper beginning and no end so there isn't one consistent story? Everything was starting to sound like it was a big improvement over the original 2 games but now I just feel confused...



TOMBOY25 said:

so its several boring fetch/protect/escort missions over and over, good to know.



II_Of_Seven said:

Lost interest in it when I read that. Thanks for the heads up, to the studio....




I wants me some State Of Decay on the XB1.

That's my type of zombie game, actual fear of virtual death at all times!

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