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Game Gifting Not On The Cards For Xbox One Users Just Yet

Posted by Justin R.R Gieni

Here you go... no!

Purchasing content within the Xbox Store for others as a gift has been a feature that Xbox users have long wished for, be it a birthday or bar mitzvah, the ability to include a simple code within a card is a convenience we shall, apparently, not see anytime soon. This week, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's games division, confirmed via Twitter that gifting digital games is not yet in the cards, as he responded as follows to the question "Are there any plans in place to be able to gift games/DLC to friends?"


Users of the online gaming service Steam have long been acquainted with this type of digital gifting, and Spencer's Twitter comments are a sign that Xbox is playing catch-up. There is no doubt the ability to gift games would surely be welcomed by Xbox gamers. Still, if Mr. Spencer is talking about it, then “it” is on Mr. Spencer's mind!

Hopefully we will see this feature added in the future so that all of us may gift to our heart's content.

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Sir_JBizzle said:

Interesting. Though I would imagine, and don't find it too hard to believe, that some form of digital gifting was on the cards along with digital lending in the XBox One's original vision before everyone started crying foul, as they are both similar functions. I'm still hoping that's a feature they will roll out someday...



EternalDragonX said:

@Sir_JBizzle the only reason ppl were crying foul was the 24 hr check. I wouldn't have bought it if it were still in play and honestly its the reason the system isnt selling as well as the ps4. Gamers such as my brother wont forgive them for it.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@EternalDragonX Oh, I get that and it's perfectly understandable, especially as it pertains to not being able to play XBox at all if you don't have that check in. I suppose the point I was trying to make was the result of the outcry, valid or no, caused them to yank everything, even the good bits that I was really looking forward to, which is one of the only things I'm disappointed about. FWIW, I took pause at the online check thing as well. So I wasn't attacking those that were crying foul.

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