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Forza Horizon 2 Developers Want Your Micro-transaction Feedback

Posted by Ken Barnes

Can't say fairer than that

In an interview with our friends over at Eurogamer, Ralph Fulton of Playground Games has stated that while Forza Horizon 2 will launch without micro-transactions, they're looking for post-launch feedback from players with regards to how the game's economic system works. He says:-

"Horizon 2 will launch without micro-transactions, without the token system that you're familiar with from 5. That's really important to us - we want to put the game out and say here's the game. Tell us if it's broken, tell us if the economy doesn't feel fair. Although I can't wait to hear that feedback - I feel like, with all the play-testing we've done, we've got a very fair, balanced game."

Eurogamer are pretty enamoured with the game though it seems, declaring that it could well come out at the top of the pile when everything shakes down this holiday season:-

"Spending a couple of hours exploring Forza Horizon 2's world, where Playground's pliant handling model and eclectic selection of cars make joyous sense of the open roads of the European countryside, it's more than rewarding. Horizon 2 is the worthy successor to racing greats such as Project Gotham Racing 4, and as it goes against Evolution's DriveClub and Ivory Tower's The Crew, it's hard not to see the Xbox One game emerging at the head of the pack."

There are also two sweet preview videos included in the article, which you really should check out. Forza Horizon 2 launches on September 30th on Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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Generik said:

I owned Forza 5 briefly and wound up selling it off as it was just sitting on the shelf. One thing I will state is the cost to purchase some of the upper tier cars was absolutely ludicrous. Seemed like there were cars that would take dozens of races worth of winnings to afford the natural way, or purchase of tokens with real money that would cost $5 or so dollars a piece. If they fix that in Forza Horizon 2 so it's not so insane.. I'll be happy.



Kohaku said:

No problems at all to buy cars now. I dont even have a VIP but still earn enough credits to buy the cars I want.



SuperKMx said:

@Generik At some point they gave out a huge reward to people who played the game in the first few weeks, and then they changed the economy somewhat so you got bigger rewards, if I remember correctly.

The top cars are still expensive, but they're entirely achievable through realistic amounts of gameplay now, I reckon. They REALLY weren't before the change, though!



EternalDragonX said:

@SuperKMx Meh too little too late. They lost me when they released a game with half the content of the last entry...Yeah yeah I know they redbuilt everything from ground up....well that justa dang shame cause it was too little for me. I actually bought an XB1 day one for FM5 then it turned out to be the worst entry in my opinion. Doesn't help that they released a game that looked no where near the E3 2013 "in game footage" version. So sick of that btw

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