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EA Defends After Confirming That Current-Gen NHL 15 Is Missing Major Chunks

Posted by Ken Barnes

All this and less.

EA has confirmed that the forthcoming current-gen version of NHL 15 - the franchise's first step onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - will be missing some pretty major gameplay modes.

An official blog post from game producer Sean Ramjagsingh confirms that the GM Connected, NHL 94 Anniversary, Live The Life, and EA Sports Hockey League modes will be missing from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, but will appear in the Xbox 360 edition. Ramjagsingh said:

"Decisions like this are never easy, nor do we take them lightly. We know that there is a passionate group of fans that loves these modes and is no doubt disappointed with this news; but we also know that this same group of fans expects a high quality gameplay experience above anything else. We're a franchise built on quality, so launching these modes without confidence in their quality wasn't something that we were willing to do"

Apparently, EA plans to release an Online Team Play mode as a free update at some point after the game launches, but it won't be anything close to the EASHL mode that will feature in the last-gen edition of the game. The game's Live The Life mode will be replicated on Xbox One to an extent with the less-detailed "Be A Pro" mode, but that's about it. Of course, the money-making Hockey Ultimate Team will appear in both versions.

The reason appears to be the development team's focus on building tools and making on-ice gameplay improvements. Ramjagsingh continued:

"From the next-generation hockey player and true hockey physics to the unrivalled in-arena experience and a revolution in broadcast presentation, I couldn't be more proud of what our team has delivered in one year on new technology. The focus on a new gameplay engine was necessary to not only deliver a great game now, but also give us the foundation to deliver a truly next-generation hockey experience to you for the years to come."

So what do you think? Are you feeling short-changed? Will this make you switch back to the Xbox 360 edition? Let us know in the comments.

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Emanouel said:

That truly sucks I loved the nhl. 94 mode in nhl 14. That now means I'll wait till this game goes into the ea access vault in February / march 2015



Gamer83 said:

I'd say I hope Madden 15 isn't missing major features either but this doesn't give me confidence. Getting the game for free though so I can't complain. Sucks what's going on with NHL though, on the plus side, it's $60 I save.



Generik said:

This was the first NHL game I had intended to buy for myself in a few years. My son usually picks them up every year. With this news though, I'm not so sure I will get it now. I honestly don't even know if they are modes I'd play, but it doesn't seem worth paying full price to get a partial experience compared to last gen versions of the game

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