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Crabitron Kinect Pinching Onto Xbox One Next Year

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Time to get crabby, but in a good way

The popular iOS game Crabitron will make the jump to Xbox One in 2015 as Crabitron Kinect, announced TwoLivesLeft today.

Crabitron is a multi-touch iPhone/iPad game in which the player gets to destroy oncoming enemies and projectiles as a giant space crab by moving its arms and pinching to crush everything around him.

Upon it's initial release, many thought the game would transition well to Kinect due to its unique control setup. However, the developer has revealed that the original Kinect was "too unreliable for this type of gameplay." The updated Kinect for Xbox One, however, seems to be a much more suitable candidate for the game.

"It’s been a long and challenging road," said John Millard, creator of Crabitron. "We are finally ready to announce Crabitron Kinect for Xbox One. We are delighted to be a part of the [email protected] program, allowing us to self publish on Xbox One. More information coming soon in an upcoming blog series titled: Indie Road to Xbox One.

Below is a a proof-of-concept video from the team that should give you an idea on how the game will utilize the Kinect sensor.

The Xbox One version is being built from the ground up and will include unique content like more set piece encounters and worlds to explore. It will also have improved graphics with 2.5D elements, and asymmetric multiplayer.

A price point has yet to be decided upon but TwoLivesLeft is paying close attention to other [email protected] games as well as feedback from the community.


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EternalDragonX said:

The more kimect games I see the more reasons I have to justify my purchase. Always good to have some variety in my game collection.

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