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Xbox Fitness: Getting Fit or Throwing a Fit? - Week 2

Posted by Emma H. Pira

Week 2 over, where's my self-discipline?

During a period of four weeks, I will be trying the Xbox Fitness app for Xbox One. The empiric study is basically based around trying how good "video game workouts" can actually be - it will be completely honest and I will try to find all the pitfalls and peaks of this app, while trying to get into exercising and hopefully losing some weight.

If you haven't read previous articles in this series, you'll find the introduction here and the results of my first week here. There's also a thread in the forums if you feel like contributing, give some motivational speeches or got something you'd like for me to try. Now, on to the fitness...

Week 2, Quick Summary

Workout(s): Mossa Groove - 5 planned, 3 done. 10 Minutes Solutions: Power Yoga - 2 planned, 1 done.
Weight-loss: none (-5% fat, +7% water)

This week I thought I'd continue with the Mossa Groove workout as I'm pretty used to it by now and can max my workout experience — I know the movements and the music which make the 30 minute workout seem so much shorter. One of my goals with the exercising is to lose some of the weight my knees currently don't agree with and to work up some stamina. I've noticed my stamina improving slightly, but nothing weight wise. This is actually not very surprising as I've been focusing a lot on my water levels, they've been way too low for way too long as I'm a terrible (water) drinker! And according to my fancy scale that gives me details on weight, BMI, water- and fat percentage; I've lost around 5% fat and gained 7% water — it makes sense that I haven't lost any weight, but rather replaced fat with muscle mass and water. I'm not a fitness expert or a nutritionist, but to me that makes sense.

My struggle this week has been my self-discipline. To me it doesn't feel easy working out in my living room when I'm surrounded by everything I need to do, should do or could do. Having a coffee and playing Titanfall while waiting for the laundry to finish is so much more appealing and comes to me so much more easily than gear up in my workout outfit. Especially now that the novelty of the fitness app is wearing off. Out of my planned 5 sessions I only managed three and I know for a fact that one of the two sessions I didn't do, I actually just kept myself busy to avoid. Booooo!

The Workouts
Like I mentioned earlier, I've been keeping to the Mossa Groove workout as I know it by now. I think I'll be switching this up for next week though as I feel I need to try some of the "super star trainer" workouts that Microsoft and Xbox have been very good at pushing.

However after one of the Groove sessions I decided to add a power yoga session. I've done yoga before and I know how great it can be. Doing it after a cardio exercise was actually a stroke of genius on my part, so in hindsight I'm kind of sad I didn't do it more. Yoga is a very slow kind of exercising but it can still be a high-impact training form. It's all about breathing and moving your body in pace with the breaths. It's very soothing and calming... usually.

The Yoga I tried was the 10 Minutes Solutions Power Yoga, and it fit me perfectly. The format was a bit different to me as I used to do yoga more for the meditation than the exercising and therefore ended up in little hippie joints with buddhas and lit candles all over the place. This was nothing like that though.

I think it'd be easy enough to follow for someone who's not used to or familiar with yoga. But it is a ten minute power session and so the positions can be a little bit tricky. Definitely not saying you need to be a professional to understand it, quite the opposite, but it does take some getting used to. You don't need any equipments, though I'd still recommend a yoga mat or at least something soft to stand on. Otherwise your knees, elbows or anything else poking out might not be too happy with you in the end.


  • The scoring system. It's really motivating me to do a little bit better each time. I can't lose to myself from one week ago! The only downside is that now that I'm starting to do really good, I'm also losing to myself much more frequently...
  • Friends. As people I have on my Xbox Live friendslist are slowly picking up on Xbox Fitness, I'm getting more scores to crush. This makes me happy. It's a fun way of doing it.


  • Lack of self-discipline. Ok, so I had to miss one session because of having guests and whatnots, but I most certainly didn't have to miss two.

So the conclusion of week 2 would probably be that it's harder than you think to keep motivation up. When I set out to do this, I promised myself I would write this completely honest and straight from what I found and how it suited me. Maybe so that others could avoid the downfalls I'm experiencing. Right now I'm struggling with the self-discipline one. How do people do it? Help me out here!

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