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Shadow Warrior Reboot Dated For Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

Guess which month?

Devolver Digital has announced that their reboot of the classic 1997 FPS Shadow Warrior is all but complete, and will be released in - you guessed it - September.

The game is "bold new vision" of the original title, which has been "reimagined with a blend of modern design and inventive combat mechanics." Mixing up traditional FPS gunplay with some seriously bloody hack-and-slashery, Shadow Warrior allows you to unsheath your katana and go to town on the opposition whenever you feel like it. Magical attacks are also on the cards too, as well as an upgrade system to allow you to power up your skills, weapons, and magic, and an arena mode will see main character Lo Wang going toe-to-toe with waves of enemies in three different environments.

The sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3 even gets a look-in as an in-game weapon, as does the katana from Hotline Miami.

There's no word on price as yet, and while the game would probably be best-served as a digital download, it looks like this one is set to hit retail shelves when it's released on the same day as FIFA 15, September 26th.

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hYdeks said:

I'm very interested in this game, but considering I haven't heard anything on it till very recently, and it's coming out very soon, I'm cautious to pick this one up. I'll wait for reviews to come in first.



EternalDragonX said:

Yeah fall isn't a good time to release games right now that are not big budget. Even if this game gets 10's across the board it will fail because its being released in fall.

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