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Season 3 of The Walking Dead is Confirmed

Posted by Emma H. Pira

The zombie apocalypse is set to continue

Telltale visited San Diego Comic-Con and they brought news; The Walking Dead game series will get a third season. Other than that, the information was sparse.

The reveal could be a way to create more suspense for the finale of season two, which is still under way. It isn't yet revealed what will happen to Clementine and her group of zombie surviours; will they make it through to a third season or will season three see new protagonists?

No details on when season three would see the light of day, but lets focus on Clementine's adventures that are still ahead in season two, for now...


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Anthinator said:

Going to wait for season two to conclude before playing through it all. But this is great news so far. Telltale is on a roll!

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