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New Titanfall DLC Lets You Fight On The Beaches

Posted by Ken Barnes

...and you shall never surrender.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a few details about the next Titanfall DLC pack.

The new pack will be called "Frontier's Edge" and will provide players with three new maps. The first map, Dig Site, has you fighting in an isolated mining outpost. The second, Export, puts you in a hub of mine activity, whilst the third - Haven - takes you down to an exclusive beach resort to try to claim your sun-lounger before anyone else. Only kidding. You'll be shooting at Titans and Pilots as usual.

The pack has not officially been dated as yet, but it'll be free to Season Pass holders, and $9.99 to those that haven't bought a pass.

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Generik said:

I need to get back into Titanfall. I bought the season pass when the first DLC pack came out and have only played the game once since then.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Generik same here, I played a bit when it first released and need to get back into it. I kind of sucked at it and gave up haha. Unlike you though, I didn't buy the Season Pass. Are those still available?




Brilliant can't wait! Yeah JQuest season pass is still available 😊

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