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Fans Revolt Against Lack of Licence Transfer for Pinball FX2 Tables

Posted by Ken Barnes

Most predictable outcry ever

Earlier today, we confirmed that Pinball FX2 has an Xbox One launch date and that the game will ship with a single table, with the whole package being free. Extra tables will be available for between $2.49 and $2.99, with table packs costing more.

The only issue with that is that a lot of the announced tables have been available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game for a decent amount of time. Long enough, in fact, that anybody with access to an Xbox 360 that really wanted to play the tables would have probably purchased them already. As excited as they are about playing the game on the Xbox One, an outcry has gone up regarding the fact that they're being asked to fork over their hard-earned money again for content that is - barring very minor changes - essentially the same.

Over on the game's official forum, fans are up in arms. Zen Studios is placing the blame solely at Microsoft's door, claiming that they were never given the option of allowing imports, discounts, or a "season pass"-style deal. A representative stated:- "I think a big part of it is that MS did not expect this kind of reaction from fans. We knew people wouldn't be happy about it (because we pay very close attention to what is important to you guys and what features you'd like to see). I think now that they are getting lots of negative reactions, they feel inclined to change. We're pushing them to make imports a feature available to us, fingers crossed that we can get them to do this quickly. "

The official Zen Studios Twitter account said earlier:-

489534377777319936 maybe all is not lost yet. We'll keep our eyes open and our ears to the playing surface.

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EternalDragonX said:

They should have worked this out long before they even announced it. Lucky me I never bought any tables on the 360...not that I plan to for the xb1 either but at least I didn't get screwed.



kensredemption said:

Probably would've been more constructive if MS had implemented a cross-buy feature. Ha ha ha.



Generik said:

@EternalDragonX At one point I had all the tables on my 360. I think they have released 4-6 tables since that time. I'd definitely not say I got screwed here as I still have access to them on the 360 and I've more than gotten my money worth of gameplay. I just would never consider re-purchasing the same table I already own a second time. I totally agree though that this should have been worked out well in advance of the game coming out for Xbone.

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