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BioWare States that You've Been Chosen

Posted by Emma H. Pira

But what is this 'Nightmare'?

A film-clip was uploaded yesterday to YouTube by BioWare. The live-action trailer is a proper teaser, catching interest but not really revealing much, called You've Been Chosen: Nightmare Teaser and teasing the website The YouTube description box simply states:

"The time is near
They are watching
Your power is rising
Cologne, Germany
You’ve Been Chosen"

Hmm. Not very descriptive, is it? The teaser trailer seem to have attracted more attention than BioWare seem to have been hoping for — trying to access the site it looks as if it's crashed.

So what do we actually know? Judging by the trailer, and the name itself; Nightmare, it looks like the game will be dealing with super natural elements — its tagline "what really happens when we sleep?" also suggest dream scenarios. We know that BioWare have a legacy of RPGs with somewhat iconic characters; e.g, Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Neverwinter, etc... Could this be another RPG? Have a look for yourself and lets see if we can do a little bit of puzzling:


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PeTitosaurus said:

Adding to this: wasn't there a BioWare "leak" not too long ago, with them registering a patent of some sort. Shadow Runs? Was that it? Can't remember and my google skills are failing me. Will continue to look it of it.

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