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Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Sixteen

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Indulging in a bit of indoor summertainment

Welcome to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend, also known by the uber-popular acronym WGAYPTW. This is a laid-back feature that allows us to share our upcoming weekend gaming plans with all of you. By providing a little window into our personal lives, you can learn what makes us tick as gamers and learn which writer's gaming tastes may align with yours. But it doesn’t only work one way. Once you’ve read through the words we’ve prepared, we’d love if you would head to the comments and tell us about your weekend agenda, as well. Trust us, it's the right thing to do.

With the introduction out of the way, it's time to get this party started.

Ken Barnes (@SuperKMx)

GRID Autosport (Xbox 360) — As a massive fan of the GRID series, I'm interested to see what Codemasters have done to improve upon GRID 2. So, I'm heading back to the track to take on what I'm told is a much more well-rounded and challenging experience. Can't wait!

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) — After picking this up for cheap, I dived right back into it last week and found that I'm enjoying it more than the first time around on Xbox 360. Atmospheric and gritty, the game is everything I hoped it would be when I first saw the trailer for it a couple of E3's ago.

EA Sports UFC (Xbox One) — My created fighter - which I created with default attributes as I'm not a cheat - is getting pretty much weaved into the canvas in every fight. It's taking six or seven attempts to get past each stage of The Ultimate Fighter in career mode, but two knockout victories in the quarters and the semis (one with a lucky knee to the face) means I've got reason to hope. No nasty glitches found yet, either!

Dave Letcavage (@DRL)

As of this exact moment in time my weekend gaming schedule is a bit too undefined for my taste. What I'm hoping to do is brawl my way through Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition if it arrives for review. I've played through the original version of the game multiple times before on PS3 and Vita, and I can't believe how excited I am to play it once again. Maybe I can even get my wife to suit up and join me for a little co-op butt-kickery.

Even though I've already beat Shovel Knight once on Wii U and once on 3DS, I expect to be playing it for a while to come. I'm majority of the way through my New Game Plus file on 3DS, and completing that will be first priority in the coming days. If you have either of Nintendo's current consoles or do any Steam gaming, you have to check this game out. It's somehow lived up to all of my lofty expectations and is currently battling for top honors on my GOTY list.

It's been a month since Tomodachi Life entered my 3DS XL, and it still remains part of my daily routine. To be completely honest, I didn't anticipate to be invested for longer than a couple weeks, so I'm pretty shocked by my urge to continue playing. To keep things interesting, every few days or so I like to add a couple new Miis to my town. So far this week I've added Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Wayne & Garth (from Wayne's World), and my good buddy Morgan Sleeper from Nintendo Life. I can't wait to see what ridiculous situations they find themselves in over the weekend!

Anthony Bacchus (@Anthinator)

My vacation begins today and I've chosen to spend it with my close family and friends away from home. And while it's hard being away from my Xbox One, my 3DS and Vita will be my primary source for gaming for the time being. Since most of my time will be taken up entertaining my family, I'll have to keep my gaming sessions short but plentiful.

I'm going to start playing Spelunky on Vita, a game I've heard is perfect for short bursts. I've had it in my backlog for quite some time but never found the time to give it a try, until now.

I'm also excited to get back to Mario Golf: World Tour and playing competitively with my sister, who's been an avid Mario Golf fan for years. I've only just scratched the surface of the game, so I'll need to practice on the green a few more times unless I want to get schooled.

Lastly, Trials Frontier on iOS will round out my week of portable gaming. I like the transition to mobile, but I'm honestly disappointed in how it essentially forces people to spend real money to progress in the game. I probably won't be spending much time (or any more money) on it, but there's still some fun to be had with this mini stunt racer.

Emma H. Pira (@PeTitosaurus)

This weekend I won't be playing Titanfall. Yes, you read that right - I will not play Titanfall. Despite the new update being out and everything. I'm not ill, I'm just having my sister flying over from Sweden and since I haven't seen her in months I'm feeding my titans in advance so that they may last all weekend on their own while I'm out showing the little sister the sights of Annecy.

However, I might challenge my sister to a dance off in Just Dance 2014. She's not a gamer per se, but she does like the "party games" genre. I'm trying to hand her my old copies of games I liked playing, so one day she'll hopefully play online with me. It's one mighty project, but I'm working on it."

Josephine Johnson (@MegaKILLScreen)

This week I have picked up quite a few titles to be consumed over Saturday and Sunday. The first is Don't Starve on the PC - because being murdered by bees, spiders, the cold, the giant deerclops, a walrus or shadows on the PS4 just wasn't enough for me. Now I will have the pleasure of cursing myself for doing something stupid or pushing my character that little bit too far in multiple rooms of my house!

I'll also be finishing the wonderfully woven story of Valiant Hearts on the Xbox one. I'm a cryer at the best of times and this one has had me close to tears twice already. The music and ambiance is lovely and I'm really digging the art style. Finally, to round the weekend off, I have Zombie Driver for a bit of brainless killing (see what happened there? Brainless? Zombie? Guys...guys! Where are you going?).

Brittany Vincent (@MolotovCupcake)

Once again I find myself playing a boatload of Tomodachi Life, but aside from review games such as 1001 Spikes, I've been investing quite a bit of time in Commander Blood, one of my favorite games from the "golden days" of PC gaming. It's gloriously bizarre and surreal beyond belief, so that already puts it right up my alley. It's been some time since I was able to revisit it, so going back to it is quite satisfying after all this time. Unfortunately, I simply haven't had much time for much else. Between looking for an apartment and working on the other assignments currently, I'm lucky to get in a few rounds of Bubble Witch Saga 2. But I do, because I'm ridiculously addicted. I'm thinking of revisiting Lost Odyssey, but we'll see how things go.

So you made it this far, huh? That means it's your turn! What games are YOU playing this weekend? Share your plans with us in the comments.

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SethPuddle said:

i'll be playing some titanfall, watchdogs for ps4. i wont be gaming much, i work all weekend.



sinalefa said:

I will be downloading Shovel Knight, after reading so many glowing reviews my curiosity is piqued. I am near the end of Crashmo as well.



JaxonH said:

X1- nothing (any recommendations for exclusive digital games- chime in pls!)
PS4- Valiant Hearts
Wii U- Pushmo World
Vita- Lemmings Touch
3DS- Shovel Knight



hYdeks said:

Kameo (360) felt like playing this Rare game that I've never played before, and it's not that bad of a game so far!

Batman Arkham Asylum & City (360) trying to get every last achievement



JaxonH said:


Right on. How's that Halo Spartan Assault? Worth a buy or better to wait for Master Chief? I've never played Halo...



JaxonH said:


Yeah, the thing is I don't subscribe to Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus. I buy all the games I want to play so I can keep them forever (collector's mentality), and I don't play enough online to warrant a subscription anyways. Pretty much keep my MP gaming limited to Monster Hunter, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Although I will dive into some Splinter Cell Blacklist co-op or the occasional Call of Duty deathmatch from time to time. Basically, if a game is on a console with free online, I might consider it. But I just ignore MP for games on PS4 and Xbox One.

Which is why I'm not playing Titanfall. Well, that and the fact I'm single player campaign kind of gamer. I stay away from PS4/X1 games that are online only (because that means I'll need a subscription) and multiplayer only. Which sucks because both Plants vs Zombies and Titanfall look fun, if only there was a single player offline campaign.



Dohv said:

On my PS4 I'll be playing MLB 14 The Show, it's the game I'm giving most of my attention to right now. I'm about 75 games into my franchise right now.

On my Xbox One I'll be playing Wolfenstien The New Order, I had the game since May and still haven't completed it. I guess I better give that more attention. But other than that me Xbone won't be getting much action until the Fall when Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC, and Sunset Overdrive come out.



Gamer83 said:


For what it's worth, you get to keep the games you get from Games with Gold even if your subscription runs out. I know you stance, just something to think about, a 3-month sub isn't that much.



JaxonH said:


Oh really? So it's not like PS Plus, where the minute your subscription runs out you lose the game? You're saying that I'll actually OWN the games as if I had purchased them? If so, then yes, that's definitely something to consider. Granted, I'm not interested in retail downloads- because I insist on owning physical copies. But as for digital-only releases, that could prove beneficial. Depending on the games offered over the course of 12 months.

But this was taken straight from the official Xbox Support website...

"Games with Gold Free Games Offer: For paid Gold members only; Active Gold membership required to play downloaded Xbox One games"

Says you have to be an active member to play them. Read this article here- it explains everything



SethPuddle said:


yeah @Gamer83 is correct, you keep the games even if you don't renew your gold. not like PSplus at all. and sometimes (very rare) you'll find awesome discounts for gold, i got a year for $20 at gamestop after i purchased titanfall plus the month that came with that and the month that came with my X1. not too shabby.



JaxonH said:


Yeah, apparently there's quite a few here who were under the impression you could keep the games. Good to clear things up so there's no misunderstandings later.



Gamer83 said:

@SunnyShores @JaxonH

Sorry 'bout that, I was just going off my 360 experience as I don't have an X1 yet. With MS making a lot of smart moves lately though and the fact it was somewhat behind PS Plus (imo) for what it offered, I would think they'd stick with the plan of letting people keep the games even without a sub because it does give the program a leg up on the competition and any advantage, big or small, is a good one. That's certainly something I'm disappointed about when I eventually get my Xbox One but at the same time, I wouldn't have any plans to let my Gold account lapse anyway. Still sucks though.



JaxonH said:


Well, for someone like me, that could be the deciding factor in subscribing or not. It would be hard to say no to a $50/yr sub knowing it would save me money on at least a few digital-only games I would have bought anyways during that time span. Not big on paying for multiplayer because I'd rarely use it, if at all, but it would tear down the paywall for single player games like Destiny.

So yeah, I think if MS ever does change their policy, that'll probably be enough for me to jump in. I mean, even if there's 3 digital-only games a year that I would have bought anyways, and even if they're just $10 a piece, that still counters $30 of the $50 cost. The remaining $20 can probably be justified through Xbox Live Gold discounts on other digital-only games. That's good enough for me.

I'll keep my nose to the ground for any whiff of a change in policy...



SethPuddle said:


No need for apologies, i also thought it was the same as 360.
But i agree, i never plan on not being subscribed to gold so i'm not bothered



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, I think with Xbox especially, you miss out on far too much of the experience by not having Gold. I let my account lapse recently since I'm not gaming on 360 much these days, but once I get the One I'm going to re-subscribe and plan on keeping Gold, just like I'll keep PS Plus, at least through the end of this gen.

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