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Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Fourteen

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Tying up loose ends before E3

Welcome to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend, also known by the uber-popular acronym WGAYPTW. This is a laid-back feature that allows us to share our upcoming weekend gaming plans with all of you. By providing a little window into our personal lives, you can learn what makes us tick as gamers and learn which writer's gaming tastes may align with yours. But it doesn’t only work one way. Once you’ve read through the words we’ve prepared, we’d love if you would head to the comments and tell us about your weekend agenda, as well. Trust us, it's the right thing to do.

With the introduction out of the way, it's time to get this party started.

Ken Barnes (@SuperKMx)

This weekend, I'll be preparing for all the E3 goodness that's coming our way next week, but I will find time to sit down and play:

Mario Kart 8 — I'm absolutely in love with MK8, and every time I get a few minutes I end up spinning up the Wii U and jumping on for a quick race or two online. Enjoying the absolutely flawless online play much more than single player, I have to say. Superb stuff.

Titanfall — In preperation for Pure Xbox's Titan Tuesday (or Thursday, we're not sure yet) community event, I'll be getting some practice in. Given how bad I am at the game, it'll need to be a LOT of practice.

Game & Wario — I picked this up free with Mario Kart 8 last week, and myself and occassional pX contributor Ben Harding sat and played the Pictionary-style game that comes with it for a fair few hours. Many laughs were had at precisely how bad we both were at drawing, so I reckon this will be given a spin again this weekend. Might even give the single player modes a go!

Dave Letcavage (@DRL)

I've been feeling a bit rundown and tired these past couple days, so instead of participating in real-life activities over the weekend, I think I may take part in Tomodachi Life activities. After checking out the Movie-In Demo (thanks to Eric), my wife and I decided that the game was weird and charming enough for us to invest in the full version. As long as we can keep our hands off Mario Kart 8, I suspect that Tomodachi Life will be a main focus.

When I'm on my own, I plan to investigate the city of Salem a little deeper in Murdered: Soul Suspect. So far there have been some extremely poor design choices, and the manner of solving puzzles is unintuitive, but I'm hanging in there. It's doesn't feel like a horrible game, just one that isn't quite sure how to capitalize on its unique concepts.

Anthony Bacchus (@Anthinator)

I'll be tying up some loose ends in Watch Dogs before I put the game down for good this weekend — that is until some more DLC is released. There are still a large amount of Criminal Convoys, Fixer Contracts and Privacy Invasions I need to check off my list. And of course, getting the high score in Spider Tank is something of a personal goal of mine.

I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback for Tomodachi Life on 3DS. I've been itching for my next Animal Crossing fix, and this looks like it will fill that void perfectly. I've been waiting for Nintendo to utilize everyone's Mii creations in some unique way outside of an avatar, and this looks like the right step. I'm definitely going to be downloading this one as soon as it's available on the eShop.

I've had to put Wolfenstein: The New Order down the past two weeks in favour of Watch Dogs. But now that that is taken care of, I'm ready to strap back into the shoes of B.J. Blazkowicz and continue my efforts to rid the world of all those pesky Nazi's. MachineGames has done a really tremendous job in revitalizing the series and the writing is particularly strong here. Everyone should check this one out too.

Eric Santana (@EricDS)

I'll be trying to complete Watch Dogs this weekend. The sheer amount of activities outside of the main story is outstanding. Side quests are my Kryptonite, so I'm doing my best to try and complete all of them 100%. ctOS towers, prepare to be unlocked!

Mario Kart 8 has brought new life to my Wii U and my family can't get enough. I'm not as good as Dave, so I still have many stamps to unlock and new customizations and characters to get. My skills are getting back to what they used to be many moons ago when I Karted on the N64.

Work was kind enough to give me a code for a Tomodachi Life demo, so I'll also be giving that a go. I had no intention of buying the game so maybe this trial will change my mind. It looks to be a mix of The Sims and Animal Crossing, so it can't be all bad.

Anthony Cadogan (@Ubiquitous_Doom)

Watch Dogs — This weekend shall be dedicated to trying to max out my online notoriety meter and, as a result, earn all the skills in the game. Since there are 100 main skills, it's not something you can achieve quickly! I'll also be finishing the last part of Aiden Pearce's adventure in Chicago since I've now completed all side content apart from the Digital Trips. I've heard those can be great fun, with each trip being wildly different from the last. I suspect that Ubisoft will most likely release several DLCs based on those types of experiences, as well as missions based on other character's points of view.

Emma H. Pira (@PeTitosaurus)

This week I won't have much time to play as we'll be having guests over from the Land of Queens, Tea and Biscuits. But when given the opportunity I will try to sneak away and get my daily Titan fix in Titanfall. I wouldn't say that I'm addicted, I can quit at any time, but... just... one more game, please?!

Something I know I will find the time to play, as it's part of my bedtime routine, is Threes. A completely addictive number game for iOS that's been out for a while but is just so hypnotic and relaxing I find it hard to put my iPad down once I've started.

It is about time I finish my latest rerun of Baldur's Gate, so maybe I'll squeeze that in somewhere. I'm playing the Enhanced Edition and I've only got the last epic bit left, but I've been playing it differently and leveling up my group of merry adventurers in ways I'm not used to. Which means there's a long, dragged out and painful battle ahead and I just hate seeing my favourite characters die.

Josephine Johnson (@MegaKILLScreen)

This weekend I shall be finishing off supernatural mystery/stealth title Murdered: Soul Suspect. It's been a bit of a bumpy ride so far but luckily not as painful as I had feared following our review round up earlier in the week. My main concern has been the pacing as this game is SLOW. I'm not a fan of any title where the default speed makes you feel like you are controlling someone who is trying to wade through 2 foot deep sludge, requiring you to hold down the run button at all times to make the experience bearable.

I'd quite like to play an RPG this week too. I played around 95% of Blue Dragon on an ex boyfriend's Xbox 360 approximately 600 years ago, but we split up before I could finish it. I've tried to replay it several times since then, but the mandatory 2-3 hours of linearity in any JRPG have led me to give up every time. Perhaps I will pick it up and try again as the gameplay and visuals more than compensate for the incredibly annoying voice acting.

So you made it this far, huh? That means it's your turn! What games are YOU playing this weekend? Share your plans with us in the comments.

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hYdeks said:

Final Fantasy XIII (360)- doing some of the missions right now to gain some experience

Batman: Arkham City GOTY (360)- Beat it before, just had a urge to play some Batman lol

Muramasa (Vita)- not the game I was expecting, but still fun to play!



Dohv said:

MLB 14 The Show- Love this game, the Show series is the best sport series out, currently doing my Franchise with the Rays we are 9-4 and 2nd place in the division.

Trine 2-Didn't really play much of it, downloaded it a few days ago for our PS+ game this month. From what I played of it's a good sidecroller defiantly looking toward to diving back into this weekend.

Xbox One
Wolfenstein:The New Order- Really really good FPS. I love that the focus is on giving us a good story. Its so good. I'm on like chapter 9 I believe. So much fun especially if you wanna kill some Nazi scum, we need more shooter that take place in the Nazi days.

Ryse Son Of Rome- I already beat Ryse and it was awesome. But now I'm gonna start over and play it on the hardest difficulty for a challenge. I loved this game and fingers crossed for Ryse 2 at E3.



Tasuki said:

3DS — Mega Man V. I am so close to finishing this one, I have only 3 more Stardroids to go then of course the final levels. It's so refreshing to play a Mega Man game that I have never played before till now.

Wii U — Finally got a chance to play New Super Mario Bros U last night and I am having a ball with it. Played it last night with my son and his mother (which outside of Candy Crush and World of Warcraft doesn't play video games) till the wee hours of the morning. Because of that I sense that we will be playing it again this weekend.

PS4 — My son and I are really close to 100% Lego Marvel. Hopefully we will wrap it up this weekend.



Gamer83 said:

Putting everything else on hold to do absolutely everything I can in Watch Dogs.



SethPuddle said:

PC minecrafting, Wii U Mario Karting and Windwakering. and working and school.

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