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Sunset Overdrive to Offer 8 Player Co-op?

Posted by Emma H. Pira

Over-the-top gaming with friends

A screen capture from Xbox One's online store has been making it's rounds online, teasing that Microsoft's crazy shooter Sunset Overdrive will have a co-op mode. It looks like the co-op mode will be called Chaos Squad and allow up to 8 players to team up to take on enemy mutants.

The feature shot has been taken down and Microsoft has not yet confirmed anything, but this is definitely something to keep an eye open for at today's conference from E3.

The conference will start at 09:30 local time (UK: 17:30, Australia: 02:30) and be broadcasted through several services; such as Live on Xbox Live, Windows Phone and at Pure Xbox will also be liveblogging throughout the event, come and join in with the chat during the show.

The game is set to be released this fall.


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MinecraftGreek said:

Well, if true, this would be something I would consider to be really "next gen." After Halo introduced 4-player co-op in full campaign mode, I am really surprised it didn't become the standard, which COD only trying it out in WAW, and never revisiting it.



PeTitosaurus said:

And then it was confirmed! 8 player co-op, now to convince friends to get the game...

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