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Rumour: Five New Titanfall Game Modes Leaked

Posted by Wayne Davies

More modes than you can shake a Titan at?

According to a NeoGAF user, the June patch for Titanfall contained hidden details regarding more game modes possibly coming in Titanfall's future.

The June patch introduced the new mode "Marked for Death", where one player on each team is marked as the primary target and the goal is to kill the enemy target, while defending your targeted teammate. So far, the new mode has been well received, but it appears that within the patch new script was also added, hinting at 5 other game modes.

The script contained the names of all the modes including brief objective details and text notes. After going through the script details, we have been able to compile a basic list of what we could expect to see, providing the information is true.

  • Wingman Last Titan Standing - A team based variant of Last Titan Standing, the team with Titans standing wins.
  • Titan Tag - No description.
  • Capture the Titan - A single capture point mode, where teams must capture the Titan and bring it to their base.
  • Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT) - No description, but related text contains a set of key words; Guard, Secure, Hold, Steal and Intercept
  • Big Brother - A mode involving some kind of virus, where pilots attack and defend control panels.

Some of these new modes sound very interesting, but must be taken with a pinch of salt until official confirmation comes from Respawn Entertainment.

We shall keep you updated on any further news regarding the mysterious new game modes.


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Ubiquitous_Doom said:

Since Marked for Death and Wingman (2 vs 2 LTS) were confirmed to be rotating modes, I'd guess these other modes will be on rotation as well. I think they will make the most popular and well received modes a permanent addition.

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