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Red Vs. Blue Web Series Can Now Be Streamed on Netflix

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Fan-created series comes to the popular online service

Netflix subscribers in US, Canada, and UK can stream the popular Red Vs. Blue web series starting today.

Created by Rooster Teeth Productions in 2003, Red Vs. Blue — for those who don't know — is a popular Machinima action-comedy series set in the Halo universe that follows the stories of Red team and the Blue team. The series is known for taking footage from the Halo games with voice-over work from Burnie Burns, who got the idea of a web series after his commentated gameplay videos of Halo: Combat Evolved became popular over a decade ago.

The first five seasons of the show are currently available on Netflix and are composed of footage from Halo 1 and 2. It's worth noting that even though the entire series can be watched from Rooster Teeth's website for free, this would be the first time fans can watch the show on other portable devices.

Red Vs. Blue is still going strong to this day, having just premiered the 11th season in April.


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Pastry said:

The show was actually available on Hulu Plus before this, which means it isn't technically the first time it's been on portable devices.

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