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Poll: Do You Think Developers Should Make a Choice and Stop Focusing on Cross-Generational Games?

Posted by Dave Letcavage

New game announcements reignite discussions

With today’s Mortal Kombat X and Forza Horizon 2 announcements, comes a staggering number of folks complaining about the fact that the games are releasing for both last-gen and current-gen consoles. Coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the concern is that graphical and performance capabilities are potentially going to be diminished in an effort to develop a product that functions ideally on both platforms. Of course, Mortal Kombat X and Forza Horizon 2 aren't the first games to start this rioting amongst gamers, but it does seem as if we’re now starting to come to a divide of sorts.

So what we’re wondering is, does this bother you or not? Do you think that, moving forward, all games should be developed for one machine or the other, but not both? For Xbox One owners a cross-generational game could mean that their version won't utilize the full potential of the hardware, but for 360 owners, they have to worry about whether or not they're getting an inferior product that hasn't been top priority. Let us know how you feel about this by casting your vote in the poll and discussing the matter with us and the rest of our community in the comments below.

Should developers make a choice and stop focusing on cross-generational games? (19 votes)

Yes, I want my games to be the best they can be.


No, I want the option to buy for 360, regardless of quality concerns.


Honestly, I own both consoles and don't care either way.


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User Comments (18)



MinecraftGreek said:

OK but there is a problem with the options on the poll. What if you are OK with them making multi-platforms as long as they are made by two separate teams, one using a next-gen only engine. Thats what they are doing with FH2.



holchasaur said:

@MinecraftGreek — I know exactly what you mean, but I intentionally left that out of this particular poll. The reason is because when these games are at the conceptual stage, devs may have to limit features or gameplay mechanics because they're being considered for two machines of varying powers/architectures, instead of one. If there are two developers working on different experiences specific to each console (like upcoming Assassin's Creeds), then that's a different thing entirely — one that I can totally get behind. But you're not wrong. That's another part of the conversation, it's just one that we haven't started discussing today.

In the instance of Forza Horizon 2, are you okay with a secondary developer working on the 360 version? It's nice to see that Sumo Digital is in control. They've done great work in recent years. I loved their Sonic Racing titles and Outrun 2.



fxtricky said:

Im saying sorry before hand because i can be long winded please bare with me ok.

Look going forward at some point the switch will be mabe thats a givin. But when the parent company is sticking with supporting the system for however many years paints a different picture. I feel dev companys out there want that money why limit yourself if the install base say for the 360 vs Xbone the gap is huge. Why limit the potintial. And honestly most the games dont go that far beyond whats currently there it cant the tech is already old to begin with its moddified. Its excuses to me when it comes up oh well we had to limit this that and the other. Most times these devs dont even get to work on these games in a decent amount of time. But for a fighting game there isnt an excuse at all to leave funtions in or not beyond addons like the kenect.

Its functions are different between to the two systems but the core of the game has nothing to do with that function at all. When the xboxone is in every household makes sinse to make games just for it stop making them for the older gen but people want their games still. And honestly there isnt a way to push consumers to only buy the one vs a 150 buck xbox360. So again going forward if the devs want to limit the money they make then risk being shut down or fired youll see cross platform games and i the consumer only care when two seperate companys make the gsme because iv seen it with the other systems all these years its not good. You get shadows of the games because that other dev team is just out source for the bigger team. Why would they care if its shovelware and trust me with games that look as good as Gears of War or Halos there isnt ever an excuse to say oh we didnt have this that and the other to bring over to both. There isnt even a difference with BF4 beyond the player count. Even when the 360 is dead your eyes wont see that big of a leap like it was from orig xbox to the 360 or n64 to a xbox. Yeah techs come that far.



EternalDragonX said:

Seems to be a landslide so far, but yeah I say pick one and stick with it. Clearly next gen only games like Killzone, RYSE, and infamous show how superior looking are when they are made ground up for one generation.



fxtricky said:

And beyond my rant i think my new concern off topic but mabe somthing anyone should think about is why is that my phone made by htc can play a game or use an app with someone elses phone that is samsung or even apple. My pc internals are different its home built vs someone who has a mac but we can still play games together.
With the 360 and One using xbox live as a service under the base of the game and overlay for the internet service and check ins why cant we do that now. Or why isnt there cross gen and plat 3rd party games. I can understand 1st party Mario or some odd and ins but CoD as big as it is or Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat if my friend has it on one system and i dont unless im at his house to that end the controller feeling is different then why cant we play the same game together. Flat out there is no excuse beyond brand loyalty and fandom. Its a shame.



fxtricky said:

Last thing for me to say. For certain games id say pick one or the other. This porting process is inane and redundant. All the ideas go out the window. Its feasable to make a game with one logic on one system and make somthing else for the others. Devs wont because that paper is in multiplat trust that. But pc games have been that way. They dont normally port a pc version over to consoles. Normally. Mmos are the big thing now as is free to play but usually no. Hdds space and gpu limits on consoles holds that back but it can be done sinse all games made for a pc have settings. High mid low settings. So visual fidelity isnt the issue there.

But anyway they should pick and choose as they are doing kinda now. I hate being locked out from a system side of things like with Killer Instinct but oh well theres plenty other games than to pay for 8 chars at the time. Im sick of paying full price for half made buggy games no matter what system its on. Or that they are 100 bucks now for a full edition of any one game. Dlc nickle and dime tactics are what i think consumers need to be fighting about not visual quality when half the time it can look as good as it wants but play like crap..



JaxonH said:

One thing is certain, cross-generational games have proven that we're not really getting anything 'extra' out of having new consoles besides better visuals. Every cross-generational game has (at least to me) looked right on par with 8th gen exclusives.



mitcHELLspawn said:

@fxtricky I couldn't get through one single comment you posted.

anyway yeah most definitely I wish they would start focusing on the new gen machines. it sucks getting these downgraded games when we thought we were getting something totally different. But like what was mentioned before I think it's a perfect compromise to have a seperate team working on the last gen version so that the new game doesn't have to be held back! Great Poll.



EternalDragonX said:

@fxtricky because they develop for a platform not for a phone. Pc is windows so developement goes to windows not a dell or hp. They develop for android not just for htc or samsung. 360 xb1 ps3 ps4 are all different platforms with different infrustructure.



heyzeus002 said:

As a gamer yes, I want them to focus on ps4/x1/wii u.from a business standpoint, however, it's obvious they have to be cross gen for the sake of their profit margins which is fair enough.



heyzeus002 said:

@JaxonH was thinking the exact same thing.i have all 3 next gen machines and honestly if someone threw a towel over the machine and controller I definitely wouldn't think this is next gen judging by whats on screen.mind you, I guess the jump was never going to be like the jump between 16 and 32 bit and then 128 bit.having said this, really looking forward to sunset overdrive, arkham knight and with infamous ss, I think these sort of games will be a good barometer for what the next gen can do when not shackled by last gen



Generik said:

I can fully understand why many titles are coming out cross generation right now. Let's face it, this generation isn't even 7 months old yet. When the Xbox 360 launched, the original Xbox was abandoned almost overnight. Microsoft made a big point of stating they were supporting the Xbox 360 for several more years still. Now obviously 3rd party developers can choose what platform they want to develop the game for but when you have an enormous install base of Xbox 360's vs a comparatively small number of Xbox One owners, the math dictates that they still need to sell to the 360 crowd first. In 2015 is when I would expect to really see the full transition away from cross generation titles. That gives PS4 and Xbox One a full year on the market to solidify their installation base and gives these major studios more time to really understand the hardware to fully take advantage of what these new consoles have to offer.

As it is, I will of course purchase the Xbox One version of a game that is cross generation. But I don't really mind if a company is developing for both at the same time if they do it in such a way that one version isn't getting a shoddy port of the other. It sounds like Titanfall was handled superbly and plays very well on Xbox 360 and that's a great model of how this can be handled until the switch to full time next gen development happens.



hYdeks said:

I want them to stop making cross generation games at this point cause I want a reason to upgrade, and their not giving me good reasons too! Batman Arkham Knight was gonna be the game I was going to go out and buy with a new Xbox One console, but since thats now pushed to 2015, and most Xbox One games are getting a 360 version, I have absolutely no reason now to get a Xbox One till next year

When E3 comes, they better show something worth buying on the Xbox One, and Xbox One alone. I want a reason to upgrade, Microsoft

@ExternalDragonX lol agreed, dont ever include Wii U in with X1 and PS4. Nintendo should be completely ashamed for selling 7 year old technology in a new hardware



Generik said:

@hydeks I can totally appreciate your point on waiting to get an X1 when there is games specifically for it. I got mine day one and have loved it. But there really hasn't been much exclusive gaming for it yet. Unfortunately I think the majority of games announced that are Xbox One of PS4 exclusive are getting 2015 release dates so far. It somewhat makes me think again that both Sony and MS rushed these consoles to market before they needed to. Look at some of the features that MS has added to the Xbox One via system updates and you have to scratch your head that they weren't there to begin with. Then the fact that some of the UI was so drastically inferior to the 360 (friends list, party management, etc) that it needed overhauled just months after release is bizarre. I'm just thinking that maybe if the consoles had released this year, some of the games we are all waiting on would be launch titles and all the multi-generation games so far would have just been previous gen and sold just as well. Anyway, that's far enough from the original topic..



Gamer83 said:

I've had enough of the cross-gen games. PS4 and Xbox One have sold well despite having no games that push the systems and say 'this is why you should upgrade.' It's time to reward those of us who have bought into the new gen early and start pushing these systems. It's tough to avoid those 160 mil users on other platforms, but you can say that crap about moving on from any gen. The 360 and PS3 have been on the market since 05 and 06 respectively, they had great runs, time to move the hell on.



Gamer83 said:


Wii U also has the best exclusives so far this gen. And being completely honest, this is coming from a PlayStation guy, there's nothing PS4 has really done that shows how it's much superior to Wii U. Same goes for X1. Both Sony and MS need to step it up. All I think when I look at my PS4 is 'wtf.' Granted when I'm playing AC IV or inFamous: Second Son or, now, Watch_Dogs, I'm having a great time. But I still feel like I blew $400. Hopefully 2015 will change that.

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