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News: DLC and Updates for Titanfall

Posted by Emma H. Pira

Your Titan is ready - standby for Xbox 360 DLC and major update

Remember how some days ago we posted news on the major update coming to Titanfall? The one including new game modes and Titan customisation options? We didn't have a date then, but it looks as if today's the day; Respawn and EA announced the news yesterday on the game's official website.

In the same go they also announced that the 17th of June will be the day that the Expedition DLC will go live on Xbox 360 - up until today the DLC has only been available on Xbox One and PC. The DLC contains the maps Swampland, Runoff and War Game and will cost £7.99 / $9.99 (free for season pass holders). The DLC is the first DLC introduced out of three, if one is to believe the season pass details.

So while releasing the DLC on Xbox 360, Respawn is also offering the free update that contains the new modes Marked for Death and Wingman. It will also bring new improvements to the game; such as private match making, last game summary improvements and changes in the game balancing.

Who's excited?


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SethPuddle said:

what kind of titan customization options? maybe it will be enough to make me play the game again




This is the second time PureXbox has reported DLC (expedition) or an update (this one?!?) being available inaccurately! It's the 18th in N/A and I see no update??? Will you PLEASE wait until you're positive or update your post!



PeTitosaurus said:

@Headestroyer4 According to the official Titanfall website, the update would be rolling out on the 17th alongside the 360 DLC. I apologise if this information ended up being incorrect.




It's RESPAWN that's the culprit! Their official posts don't mean bullhoney so far, they posted the Expedition pack as coming out a couple days early as well and U guys reported it... GIVE US DECALS! Lol not ur fault Titosaurus! PS: what is your gamertag!?!




PeTitosaurus said:

@SunnyShores Titans will be pimped out with decals you earn from completing challenges in game. Apparently you'll also be able to choose the Titan voice and start using Titan-exclusive burncards to amp your titans' abilities. Woop woop!




Yeah it sounds like just what T-FALL needs, colors and such would help as well but decals and voices ... new burn cards, sounds great. My titan is named HENRY the Atlas and "BETTY" vocals are just not doing him justice!



PeTitosaurus said:

@Headestroyer4 Ah. Then maybe their PR, the producers and community managers should sit down and have a talk so they're on the same page. And I'll be more careful with what they say in the future.

My GT is PeTitosaurus, just like here.

My Titans go hand in hand with their matched pilots so Apple - Pie and so on, haha. Wouldn't mind giving some of them another voice than Betty. Curious as to how Jeeves will sound. Hoping stereotypical English butler à la Alfred.




Themed match-ups... I like it.

My GT is also same, save for all caps lo, HEADESTROYER4.

May I add you? And hopefully have fun with new voices SOMETIME in June

I'd like an Alfred but he may be 2 sensitive for titan combat, HENRY must strike fear!

Off to snag this Tomb Raider deal!

Can you "Update" Us when the update hits XOne???




@ Pe Titosauras

Can you post the link to RESPAWNS announce?

I'd like to shame those dudes for the constant false release dates!

I stayed up till midnight when they (PureXbox) said Expedition was coming that day and I think it was 3 or so later it finally hit!





Until then, let us dream of DECALS!

I'd like a "13" a "Narwhal" (favorite animal) and "HENRY" across my titans chest.... colors would be awesome but I don't think that's yet in the cards...



PeTitosaurus said:

@Headestroyer4 Sorry for the late reply: The links are at the bottom of the article. Both based on their announcement from E3 and then the follow up with an actual date. It's also posted on their forums. I know that their official Twitter has announced that everything is live on the 360, but I haven't seen anything about X1 yet.

However if they're late with the content it could actually be down to Microsoft, as the updates come through their servers and they need to push some buttons over on their end as well.




Right, right. I'd just like a tad more communication with the players. This game needs quite a few features akin to Halo in order to make it "last".




@ PeTitosaurus

I just noticed you're still. gen Two!?!

As a commanding officer I must play with you and be all drill sergeant like!

Gotta get U some challenges yo!

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