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Games With Gold On Xbox One Has Officially Begun

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Don't pass these up

Xbox 360 gamers have been enjoying their two free games every month courtesy of Microsoft's Games With Gold program ever since it launched a year ago. As of today, that program has now extended to Xbox One.

As previously reported, Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood can be downloaded free of charge as long as you are a gold member. Don't yet own an Xbox One? No problem! You can queue up both games in your download list on so you don't miss out; that way when you eventually do purchase an Xbox One, they'll be ready for your enjoyment. Games With Gold on Xbox One functions exactly like PlayStation Plus, in which you'll be able to keep these games as long as you maintain your Gold membership. If for whatever reason you downgrade to a Silver, the games will be locked until you subscribe again.

Microsoft has also soft-launched Xbox One Deals With Gold, which provides significant discounts on select Xbox One games. Right out of the gate, players can snag Crimson Dragon for 50% off. Once the June update rolls out, a separate hub will be accessible on your Xbox One which will showcase all deals and freebies available each and every month.

Over on 360, Dark Souls can be downloaded right away, with Charlie Murder and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming on June 16th. Yep, it's surely a good time to be an Xbox gamer!


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holchasaur said:

Crimson Dragon is finally on sale? Does that mean it'll be part of Games With Gold next month, I wonder? Hmm. To purchase now or wait and see what happens next month...



Anthinator said:

@DRL That is the question, isn't it? Like PS Plus, I don't think we're gonna get any AAA titles for free as of yet. They'll go through the rounds of smaller or indie titles first.

I predict Crimson Dragon or LocoCycle will be next.

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