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Contest: We're Giving Away Three Codes for Blood Of The Werewolf on Xbox 360

Posted by Dave Letcavage

You'll want to bite on this one

That's right... we have not one, not two, but THREE download codes to give away for the XBLA platformer Blood of the Werewolf.

Just like last week's Murdered: Soul Suspect competition, the rules are simple: sign into your Pure Xbox account (don't have one? get started here) and leave a comment on THIS article. Each user who comments will get one entry into the contest — numerous comments won't count.

Be sure to enter before Thursday, 19th June at 6pm BST, which is when we'll announce the three winners here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

If you want to know more about Blood of the Werewolf, you can check out our review. In summary, we liked it quite a bit.

And that's that. Good luck, everyone!

If this is your first time visiting Pure Xbox, welcome. That shiny new account that you made to enter into this contest will not only allow you to start and/or join conversations anywhere on our site, but you can also use it to log into our sister sites — Nintendo Life and Push Square — as well. Hopefully we'll see you in the comments, on the forums, and taking part in the many future contests we'll be running. Thank you for spending time with Team pX.

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sakanakami said:

I have been debating whether or not to pick this one up. I'm still on the fence about it. It does look fun though.



Dynamic said:

This game looks so different compared to most games that are already out at the moment and I would love to go and check this out for myself and to actually see what it is like in person.



Vyester said:

I work for a travelling circus. On the trapeze. They make me swing really high and I get scared. When I am not swinging, I play my Xbox 360. But only if the clowns aren't using it. I hate the clowns and their stupid feet. If I win I would stand up to those clowns and tell them to get their own Xbox 360. Thank you. X



hestar69 said:

Game looks pretty cool,Going to have dl the trial and check it out tomorrow,thanks for the chance to dance in my under pants,and win! :)

Twitter: Hestar69



error404 said:

"....tough-as-nails action platformer" said in the review. I'd like to give it a go, up for the challenge. Thanks for a chance.



Generik said:

Awesome! Looks like a nice throwback to some of the challenging 8-bit games I grew up on.



JaredJ said:

It's really cool that you guys do this. NintendoLife and Push Square should do these kind of giveaways as well.



Tasuki said:

@JaredJ: NintendoLife does give aways and competitions all the time.

Really I think it all depends on if the companies give stuff to NL, PX, and PS to give away.



STeue said:

Downloaded the trial yesterday, haven't had time to try it yet. If I like it I'd prefer it to be free, but if I don't win, shall buy it anyway.

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