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Xbox One May Update Brings More Improvements

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Keep 'em coming

We're just getting settled with all the added features to our Xbox One from the April update, but it looks like Microsoft is already planning to push out the May update real soon.

Major Nelson revealed on his blog that we can expect "a new sound mixer for snapped apps, chat volume controls when using Kinect" and the option to help Microsoft improve voice recognition.

The new sound mixer can be found in Settings and will allow users to control the volume levels of two apps in Snap mode, meaning you can decide on which one is louder over the other. Chat volume controls can also be found in Settings and these will allow you to adjust the chat volume when using Kinect. As for helping Microsoft improve voice and speech recognition, Xbox One owners can opt-in to a speech data collection which will somehow use voice samples and put them into an algorithm.

Lastly, thanks to the April update, players will be able to grab the May update when it becomes available on their own terms rather than waiting for Microsoft to quietly download it when the console is in Stand-by mode.

All around, these are some decent additions to the software. We're still waiting on USB storage support and the ability to preload digital games. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long for these features.


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Generik said:

Along with preloading digital games I'd like the ability to purchase a digital game from my PC (or phone, etc) while at work and have it downloaded and ready when I get home. I thought that was supposed to be a feature at launch but apparently I misread that somewhere. Nothing more annoying than getting home and then have to wait for a massive download to take place.

USB storage... this shouldn't be difficult in 2014...

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