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WWE 2k15 Slams Onto Xbox One in October

Posted by Ken Barnes


2k Sports has announced that WWE 2k15 won't only be headed to the Xbox 360 when it launches at the end of October. Indeed, it'll be making it's debut appearance on the Xbox One, as well.

The game is currently in development with Yuke's Future Media (in association with Visual Concepts) and is set to launch on October 28th in the US, and October 31st in the UK.

There's been absolutely no confirmation about game features, modes, what improvements (aside from graphics) that the next-gen version will enabled, or...well...anything, as yet. In fact, all we know is that the game is in development, and will launch in October. We'd expect to find out more at E3.

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Gamer83 said:

You could see this one happening. I might buy it for PS4 since it's been a few years now since I bought a WWE game but not expecting much. I feel like wrestling games peaked on the N64. PS2 had a few good ones then it was all downhill.

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