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US Readers - You Could Win A Copy of Nutjitsu for Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

This week, Pure Xbox will be running a little competition-a-roonie, where we'll be giving away a bunch of codes for NinjaBee's recently released Xbox One title Nutjitsu.

The game is the first title to be available for Xbox One that allows you to "snap" it to the side of the screen. So, you can be blasting away in Titanfall and when the match is over and you're waiting for things to start up again, snap over to Nutjitsu and play a couple of rounds without leaving the comfort of your Titan. Cool, huh?

We've got a few codes to give away but this contest is indeed for US-based gamers only, what with the game not being available anywhere else in the world as yet. To enter, keep an eye on our Twitter account tomorrow to find out how to enter.

Really, you should be keeping an eye on our Twitter feed anyway. That's where we usually give stuff away. But no pressure, y'know. We're all cool.

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SCAR392 said:

I would totally enter if I had a Twitter account, and I don't plan on creating one, either. I didn't even know this game existed.

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