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Rumour: Halo 1-4 To Be Released for Xbox One As The Master Chief Collection

Posted by Ken Barnes

Wouldn't it be cool?

According to reports coming out of Engadget, Microsoft are going to drop a bomb or two at E3 this year, starting off with the announcement that the original Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 are going to be re-released for Xbox One in a single package, entitled The Master Chief Collection.

With Halo 5: Guardians being announced just hours ago, it would surprise us if we heard anything more about this before E3, but the announcement did contain a reference to a "huge step" that would take place in 2014 for the Halo universe. Could they have been referring to this?

We'll bring you official confirmation if and when it comes, as well as all of the other E3 news as and when it drops.


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JaxonH said:

Um, ya... this would be really awesome- I hope they do this. I distinctly remember playing the very first Halo on Xbox at my friend's house for an entire summer. Fun times.



Knux said:

Since I have yet to get into the Halo series, this will be the motherload of awesome deals if it's true!



Gamer83 said:

I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to give the series a try for the first time but I can't say I'd be really happy about a Halo collection eventhough it is my favorite franchise. A full remake of Halo 2 with the old multiplayer left intact? I'd be all for that since it's an old classic from a couple gens ago, but I feel the same way about Halo 3 and especially 4 as I do about something like The Last of Us Remastered. These games are already in HD and aren't exactly old classics. But, that's the trend these days, re-release fairly new games on the new consoles and it's really starting to annoy me.



smelly_jr said: this IS or ISN'T confirmed? I'd buy an X1 for this, since I've just never had any interest in Halo at all until very recently. Too bad I've had some key plot points spoiled for me >:0



SuperKMx said:

@kupo This is currently UNCONFIRMED but looking very likely. Some other places are running it as confirmed news, and a few folks on our Facebook page are claiming that it is confirmed, but it definitely is NOT as yet.

We'll run a confirmation story when Microsoft confirms it (which will probably be during their E3 show!)

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