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Quantum Break To Be Revealed at Gamescom - New Trailer

Posted by Ken Barnes


Remedy Entertainment has released a "pre-reveal" trailer for Quantum Break, the intriguing-looking Xbox One title that was first shown in movie form at E3 last year.

In the trailer, Sam Lake of Remedy introduces the high-end proposal, confirming that the product will be split between two mediums. The game is about heroes, whilst a "top of the line" TV show will be about their opposing villians. In the game, you play Jack Joyce as he tries to stop the fracture that threatens to cause the end of time.

Also, Lake confirms that the game is due to be released in 2015, and that actual gameplay will be shown at Gamescom. Does this mean that we won't see anything from it at E3, we wonder? Well if that's the case, it'll make more space in the Microsoft press conference, that's for sure...

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BambooBushido said:

( Quantum Break will be out in 2015 Knew it ) anyway this looks awesome! i can't wait to play it



Generik said:

I've been a fan of Remedy since Alan Wake. This trailer actually does a lot more to entice me than the E3 trailer from last year.. and that trailer was pretty good too. Everything I saw going on in the background was great looking. Very high hopes for this!



Gamer83 said:

Disappointing it's not a 2014 release but kind of figured that would be the case. At least it gives me more time to save for an X1.



EternalDragonX said:

If he was going to stand on a stage and talk about the game why didn't he just do it at E3? And with all these games getting revealed before E3 I'm starting to wonder if E3 will be less spectacular than I thought.



BambooBushido said:

@EternalDragonX Or maybe there's so many spectacular games to talk about they have to get some spectacular game announcements out of the way to make room for all the other spectacular game announcements



JaxonH said:

Wow, from what little footage was shown, I must say it looks promising.

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