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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360

Posted by Wayne Davies

In space, no one can let him brood!

TT Games, the masters of Lego games, has announced that their next brick-building title - LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - will be released for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the Autumn.

LEGO Batman 3 takes place after the events of the second game and sees Batman head to outer space. Now he must team up with a host of DC heroes and villains to stop the villainous Brainiac from shrinking entire worlds using Lantern Rings. TT Games says that Beyond Gotham will have over 150 characters from the DC Universe to unlock, along with a collection of significant new features and changes from previous LEGO Batman games. The most noteworthy at the moment is the process of changing suits, this time round any suit you have unlocked can be access at any time using a wheel selection system instead of using a classic Suit Signal platform.
To help bring more gameplay variety, Beyond Gotham will also be introducing VR mini-missions, which amongst others will include puzzles, races and platforming sequences.

LEGO Batman 3 will be released this autumn for every format imaginable.

Along with the announcements and first details came a short trailer, where the Dark Knight can't have a brooding moment to himself.

It also has some fun, throwing a Batman quote from The LEGO Movie in there.

Did you find the quote? Lets us know in the comments what you think it was, along with your thoughts about this third entry in the LEGO Batman series.

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EternalDragonX said:

Hope they update the graphics. I'm kinda tired of playing the same looking lego games with different characters. Although The hobbit did change the gameplay up a bit. Less shiny more lego life like please. kinda like the teaser trailer.



holchasaur said:

Even though I'm all kinds of burned out on the Lego formula, it would be impossible for me to not give this a look.

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