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Here's Some More Sunset Overdrive Gameplay You Haven't Seen Yet

Posted by Ken Barnes

And then some...

Sunset Overdrive is on the way, and while some have been crying about how the game isn't currently running at 1080p (like, who cares if the game plays well?), others have been getting excited.

And with good reason. The game looks to be a manic fun-fest that takes place in a crazy-looking world. Xbox Wire sat down with Insomniac's Ted Price, Drew Murray, and Marcus Smith to get their take on what goes on in the game. Aside from the interview, there's some tasty new gameplay footage to take a look at.

Oh, and line-counters. Remember that the game is still being optimised for release later this year.

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DRL said:

Wait... There can be bright colors in a mature-rated game? Who would've thought?! :p

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