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Feature: Top 11 - Video Game Psychopaths

Posted by Wayne Davies

Do you know the list of insanity?

Psychopathy is traditionally characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. In video games, that means over the top and ominous characters that can make you laugh, or send chills down your spine. We thought we'd take a look back and see if we could round up the craziest of the crazy.

So, let's count down the Top 11 video game psychopaths

Clowns can be a scary thing for some people, but if you throw a zombie outbreak into the mix, you get Adam from Dead Rising. Adam was a circus performer who's mind broke during the outbreak when he saw the gruesome deaths and zombification of his audience, most of whom were children. Even when he collapsed onto his own chainsaws, he was monstrously laughing away till he died.

In the Japanese version of Dead Rising, Adam's death is slightly censored, as there is very little blood gushing out of him compared to the North American version.

The trademark character of the Twisted Metal series, this insane killer clown who drives an ice cream truck is not to be messed with. There isn't much known about his past, but what we know for certain is that he is a poster child for hate and destruction, priding himself in being the best serial killer of all time and stopping at nothing to make sure his title remains intact. There is only one thing he likes more than killing, and that's ice cream and other frozen treats.

Sweet Tooth can be seen in a 2011 live-action PlayStation commercial, sitting at a table playing chess with Sackboy.

A megalomaniac with plans of world domination, this antagonist of the Street Fighter series is as over the top as they come. With a design inspired by the Nazi SS uniform, Bison's ambition is to control the world's governments through his covert crime syndicate and will stop at nothing to satisfy his own self-seeking interests and lust for absolute power. Now that's a proper dictator for you.

Bison was portrayed by actor Raúl Juliá in the 1994 live-action film Street Fighter. Despite the film being panned by critics and fans, Juliá was widely praised for his portrayal of the psychopathic dictator and he was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor. It was Juliá's last film, as he sadly passed away shortly after filming.

Betrayed and robbed by his best friend, Seth was driven insane by his obsession with wealth and revenge under the baking hot western sun. Seth's lust for treasure caused him to lose his family and prospecting business, leaving an unhygienic and crazy creature behind, who's only friends are the corpses he grave robs.

When Marston searches the corpses of undead In the Undead Nightmare DLC, he will sometimes say "Seth, how do you enjoy this?".

The St. Johns family are the Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter of The Walking Dead Season One. Brenda and her two sons, Danny and Andrew, first seem to be nice country folk, providing food, shelter and safety. When Lee finds fellow survivor Mark locked away in a secret room however, it is soon revealed that, much like the walkers, the St. John's have an appetite for human flesh.

A famous and respected musician, playwright and poet in the city of Rapture. After Rapture descended into chaos, Cohen went insane from unappreciation and Plasmids, developing sadistic and twisted enjoyment in the death and suffering of others. Even with his mind broken, he is still a showman. His art style is heavily based on the Contemporary art movement which started in the 1910s but did not grow into notoriety until the late 1940s to the 1970s

The four main bosses of Metal Gear Solid 4, these four young woman were transformed and driven mad from the trauma of war, with each adopting a unique emotional response; laughing, crying, screaming & raging. Later they dawned cybernetic suits to keep their emotions under control in combat, to the point where it kept them alive and if the suits were removed, they would die.

The name Beauty and the Beast is an analogy of their physical and mental being - the innocent beauty inside, encased in a cold metal beast.

Raised in Stuttgart, Germany, The Medic may have a weak understanding of medical ethics and care more about satisfying his own morbid curiosity than healing the sick, but he has a great amount of enthusiasm. In a freak accident involving a Spy's head and a cocktail of medical supplies, he discovered how to heal the sick quickly and even turn them invincible. To this day, The Medic still keeps the resurrected head of The Spy in his fridge and constantly experiments on him

The Medic keeps a flock of doves as pets, one of them is named Archimedes after the ancient Greek scientist.

Vaas started on a downward spiral into insanity when he became addicted to drugs brought to Rook Island by Hoyt Volker and eventually joined up with Hoyt with promises of wealth and power. Vaas's prideful nature is only outmatched by his unpredictability and love for violence. Despite the years of drugs use, he is also somewhat intelligent, with cerebral understanding of the human mind, which makes him a very dangerous weapon.

In the original concept for Far Cry 3, Vass didn't exist. Actor Michael Mando originally auditioned for the character "Lupo" with features very similar to Vaas, but Mando didn't get the part. However, Ubisoft was so impressed by his performance that they decided to scrap "Lupo" altogether and give Mando the role of Vaas.

Prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages, Trevor is one of the main reasons to play Grand Theft Auto V. Trevor is a fellow you have to be careful around, due to his extremely short temper and unpredictable impulsive behaviour, which can often lead to violent conduct. Despite his infamous, homicidal and psychopathic personality, he knows the meaning of loyalty and friendship, standing by and caring for his closest friends no matter what.

One of Trevor's common causes of outburst is when people mock his accent or make light of the the fact that he's Canadian. Trevor was never supposed to be Canadian, instead that concept was brought into his character by his voice and mo-cap actor Steven Ogg

The third and last clown on our list, is of course, the clown price of crime. Joker's origin is fragmented in a web of lies, but most end with him falling into a chemical bath because of Batman. He is a highly resourceful psychopath with a sadistic intelligence, who delights in causing chaos, destruction and human suffering.

Even scarier is his obsession with Batman and his moral code. Every ounce of destruction and every lifeless corpse Joker has left behind him is to prove one simple thing, and that is that Batman is corruptible. He forces the Dark Knight into life and death situations in an attempt to break his moral code, even to the point where Joker tried to kill himself in front of Batman.

What do you guys think of our list? Any you want to add or change? Tell us about your favourite video game psychopath in the comments section below!

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