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Creative Director Addresses Far Cry 4 Controversy

Posted by Wayne Davies

Is Far Cry 4 Box Art Racist?

Alex Hutchinson, the Creative Director of Far Cry 4 has addressed some of the concerning interpretations of the game's box art.

The box art shows a lighter-skinned, blonde-haired man, who we assume to be dictator Pagan Min, the game's antagonist. He's sitting on a broken statue, resting his hand on a kneeling darker-skinned man, who is holding a live grenade. We know the grenade is live since we can see the blonde-haired man holding the pin on his finger.

Hutchinson spoke up via Twitter in response to a article on the controversy.

This isn't the first time the Far Cry franchise has been under scrutiny. Far Cry 3 received a similar reaction back in 2012 and writer Jeffrey Yohalem went on to defend the game's plot. (That game turned out fine, right?)

If anything, we'd say that the art depicts a form of oppression, which we can assume will be relevant in the game's plot and backstory. Far Cry has always been one to push the limits on dark subject matters in order to immerse players in the game's world, but it generally does so without being distasteful or offensive.

What do you guys think? Does the art hint at racism? Lets us know in the comments


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raDugzBaws said:

I don't GET the Controversy at All! Could it possibly be showing that What We Already Know SHOULDN'T be Trusted, showing a Fair Skinned Protagonist? Its partly due to Racial Stereotypes that a Lot of White people don't trust Blacks or as a better example look at the Distrust Whites have for Islamic nations & people! All Stereotypes which 90% of the time are Wrong! Another way to look at it is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN! Its human nature to like & enjoy routine.



JaxonH said:

Man, people look for ANY little reason to play the race card nowadays...

What's racist to me is the accusation itself. So, because the character is white-skinned, they shout racism. But if he WASN'T white-skinned, it'd be ok? That's messed up. I mean let's call it what it is here- the accusations are only being leveled because of the color of the character's skin. So who's being racist here?

To me, it's just a box art. The guy is obviously an evil dictator, who by the look of things rules with an iron fist. I think it has more to do with oppressive leadership (as stated above) than skin color. At least, that's my take from it anyways.



Gamer83 said:

I could type out a rant, but it would be totally incoherent because I can't properly put into words how f'ing sick I am of the 'Politically Correct Police.' These people never shut the hell up, and I'm all for voicing your opinion but when it comes to stuff you don't even bother with, it annoys me, and I'm sure there are a lot of people complaining about this who never had any plans to bother with the game anyway. And when you break things down, what better way to show you're happy or unhappy about a product than to vote with your wallet?



Vincent294 said:

If it was racist, then there would be a problem, but this is just outright stupid. specially given that the "racist" guy is the enemy, not the hero.



kensredemption said:

I'm Filipino, the closest thing to Malaysian, which I assume is where the next Far Cry is being set and I don't see anything racist about this. People whine too much. You want racism in games? Look at the Call of Duty franchise in which they constantly glorify killing people of the Asian collective since World at War (Russians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese).

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