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YouTube Uploads Coming to Xbox One Soon

Posted by Ken Barnes

Achievements screen unveils the secret

It appears that the YouTube app for Xbox One will soon allow users to upload videos to the service.

A set of achievements has appeared for the service - you can see them by logging in to YouTube on Xbox One to activate them, then going to the achievements screen - one of which is entitled "Look Mom, I'm on TV!" and is awarded for uploading a video.

Whether we'll be able to upload our Game DVR clips, clips recorded by Skype, or video recorded straight from Kinect, we don't know, but it certainly seems that some sort of functionality is on the way.

Oh, and if you fancy picking up the "Hipster Kitty" achievement (awarded for watching 3 hours of videos that have less than 200 views) then feel free to head on over to our YouTube Channel and having a look through a few of our less popular uploads. It'll help you towards the "Watch 5 hours of gaming videos" achievement, too. We don't mind. We're only here to serve.

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Rotmm said:

Ok, so the "let us help you get achievements" part of the story made me laugh out loud while sitting here in Starbucks

Well played.



Vincent294 said:

Hipster Kitty? Ah, achievements. Reminds me of other good ones like Spit Roast from Assassin's Creed 3.

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