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Two More Free Games Announced for May's Games With Gold

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Don't forget to redeem them

For the month of May, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can nab Dust: An Elysian Tail and Saints Row: The Third as part of Microsoft's Games With Gold program.

Dust: An Elysian Tail, a highly-praised indie action role-playing game released in August of 2012, can be yours for the taking between May 1st to the 15th, at which point it will be replaced with Saints Row: The Third, the bizarre and comedic open-world adventure released back in November of 2011.

We're pretty satisfied with the selection here. Dust is generally overlooked, and is made even more impressive by the fact that it was mostly created by one guy, Dean Dodrill. Saints Row 3 took the series away from being a GTA copycat to something entirely different (and crazy!).

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has previously said that Games With Gold is a work in progress, and that the service will get better and eventually will extend to Xbox One.


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Generik said:

Wow.. 2 games I've never played. Good stuff here. I love Saints Row 2.. 3 looked a bit over the top but for free I'll give it a go.



Tasuki said:

I have been wanting to play Dust for awhile now but every time I get the money for it, I end up getting some other game. This is perfect.

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