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Next Xbox One System Update Detailed

Posted by Ken Barnes

Minor fixes, but we'll take 'em!

Major Nelson has dropped some knowledge on us regarding the next round of system updates for the Xbox One.

We detailed a couple of tweaks to the controller firmware last week, but at least two more updates will be added to the mix by the time the update rolls out to gamers everywhere.

First up, the Blu-ray player will support 50 Hz video output for content recorded at 50 Hz. There will also be an update to the Blu-ray player app to help this along within the next few days. Secondly, the controller fixes we mentioned are being reported as a great success by members of the preview team, with updates to the controller itself improving wireless connectivity, and the headset adaptor firmware update apparently reducing audio static considerably.

Also included will be the ability for the system to reboot silently after system updates have been applied. This means that if your console is in "Instant On" mode, updates will be grabbed automatically and the system restarted, then returned to standby mode when done. So, when you power up your console, you'll have the latest version of the firmware in place without having to wait around. If that isn't enough, a manual update option has been added to the system too, allowing you to grab an update when you want to - as long as there's one available, of course.

We're also expecting the new update to include a few other features - such as friend notifications - when it drops later this month. We'll bring you the full list of features as and when they're confirmed.


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Generik said:

External HDD support would have been nice to see. (I know I sound like a broken record on this).

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