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Harmonix to Bring Rock Band and Dance Central to Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

CEO won't be tied down to details though

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has teased that the company has "grand plans" to bring the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises to the new generation of console systems.

During his PAX East keynote address, Rigopulous wouldn't be drawn on whether or not the games were in active development, only to confirm that the titles are "near and dear to Harmonix" and that the studio plans to bring the franchises to the next generation of consoles "at some point and with guns blazing."

Currently, we know that the company is working on Fantasia: Music Evolved for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and a free-to-play FPS entitled Chroma.

Wouldn't it be grand if the company busted out Rock Band 4 on stage during Microsoft's E3 show? Wouldn't it? We mean WOULDN'T IT, THOUGH?

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DRL said:

I've always been a Guitar Hero guy, myself, but I'm definitely interested in more Rock Band.

As long as I don't have to play the drums.



Generik said:

I wouldn't mind a new Rock Band game.. it's simmered down long enough now to warrant it. But then I realize that all the DLC tracks I bought for the previous generation probably don't come along for the ride. I'll need to take a bit of a wait and see approach before I truly get excited.

And Dance Central.. I know it was THE game for Kinect 1.0 but it wasn't anything I enjoyed. Regardless I would really like to see some new titles come out that fully take advantage of Kinect 2.0 and start to shut the naysayers up. The tech is pretty awesome.



hydeks said:

I would love to see rock band 4, as long as the guitars are way better and we don't have a new game every 6 months (Ya you, guitar hero). Dlc is more popular now, just release songs that way :-)

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