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April Xbox One Update Goes Live

Posted by Ken Barnes

Friend Notifications and more

April's Xbox One system update has gone live and has started rolling out to Xbox One owners over the past few hours.

The update features firmware updates for controllers and the stereo headset adapter, as well as a handful of nice additions.

First up, the Blu-ray player will now output video content recorded at 50 Hz correctly. An update for the Blu-ray Player app will also be needed to finish off this issue, and that will be coming within the next few days. Secondly, some tweaks have been made to Kinect voice and motion. Gesture functionality has been updated in order to "reduce false positives" on non-hand objects kicking off a gesture command. Fine tuning to the voice commands has been put into place, too.

GameDVR video quality has been upgraded thanks to improvements to a compression algorithm. Game and app saves and updates have new indicators in the Games and Apps tool. The console will now update and reboot entirely silently when in "Instant On" mode, as Microsoft have made it so that you don't need to manually power on the console after your NEXT update. A new option in the Settings app will allow you to disable this functionality.

But, the biggest and best new feature is the return of Friend Notifications. When friends sign in to Xbox Live, you're now told about it as you were back on the Xbox 360. Nice!

The monthly update schedule is expected to continue, and we'll keep our ear to the ground for details of what's coming up in May. For now though, isn't it nice to get updates that actually improve the experience and aren't just frustrating barriers that get in the way of gameplay? We think so.


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Anthinator said:

Really digging all the improvements being made to the Xbox One through these updates. The Xbox team seems to have really turned a corner this year.

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