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An Official Xbox 360 Emulator Is Being Planned for the Xbox One

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

...but is proving to be a challenge

Whenever a new console launches, there always seems to be a significant number of people that worry about playing their last-generation games on it. Last year, former Xbox boss Don Mattrick quickly put the nail in the coffin by saying backwards compatibility is "backwards thinking," essentially eliminating any chance of the Xbox One playing anything from the 360 library. Of course, nothing is ever truly set in stone when it comes to Microsoft, as they have been known to (ahem) reverse certain policies rather quickly.

During a session at Microsoft's Developer Build conference last week, partner development lead Frank Savage revealed that Xbox 360 emulation was definitely in the cards when he responded to an audience question:

"There are [plans for an emulator], but we're not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there's nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself."

Prior to this, Microsoft senior director Albert Penello suggested that backwards compatibility could be possible through cloud computing similar to Sony's upcoming PlayStation Now service, but that certain complications like ensuring a smooth experience was holding them back.

This doesn't mean your Xbox One will soon be able to play disc-based 360 titles. It's more likely that Microsoft would simply allow the Xbox One to emulate the already growing Games on Demand selection. Either way, this is good news for those that may have missed out on a backlog of quality games.


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Generik said:

By the time they implement this nobody will care. I want backwards compatibility so I can finish off some of my 360 games. I'd actually like to remove the 360 from the entertainment center altogether but won't for some time. Although truth be told I've not played a single 360 game since I got my launch day XBone. The 360 is only used to launch NHL Gamecenter.



Tasuki said:

So more then likely people will have to rebuy their old Xbox 360 games but in digital format. Think I will hold on to my Xbox 360 even after I get my Xbox One.



SCAR392 said:

This is good news. I have around 15 full digital games on my GamerTag.



DRL said:

I want to play my XBLA games on Xbox One. That would be sweet! :)



kensredemption said:

At least MS is going the Nintendo route in regards to backwards compatibility. Why can't Sony do this instead of PlayStation Now?

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